Bec Judd’s sons are “obsessed” with her boobs

Bec Judd has revealed that her twin boys are obsessed with her boobs.
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Bec Judd has revealed the surprising obsession her almost four-year-old twins Tom and Darcy have – her boobs!

The mum-of-four shared the revelation on her radio show The 3pm Pick-Up and it seems the twins can’t keep their hands to themselves.

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“My twins, Tom and Darcy, are obsessed with my boobs,” Bec, 37, told her co-host Monty Diamond on-air.

“I was wearing this massive Victoria’s Secret push-up bra the other day, they were so hard and they were just pulling them, pinching them, twisting them, almost bouncing on them! They were like ‘Woah Mum your boobies are so hard!'” she recounted.

The AFL WAG then played an audio recording of her son Darcy comparing her cleavage to that of her husband, Chris Judd.

“I love my boobies so much, your boobies. I do love them, they are so soft. Not dad’s ones, they are just hairy,” Darcy says in the recording.

Bec Judd and twins
“My twins, Tom and Darcy, are obsessed with my boobs.” (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Bec has been open about her boobs – the mum-of-four shared a jaw-dropping picture of herself when she was breastfeeding that appeared in her book The Baby Bible.

“I looked ridiculous … like Dolly Parton on steroids,” the mum-of-four told news.com.au in 2018 adding that breastfeeding was particularly painful.

“I was a blubbering mess for two days with these bloody boobs. To touch them was like touching a wall. They were rock hard. It was awful. They were boiling hot. Burning hot.

“I was skinny arms and legs and bazookas out to here.”

Bec Judd boobs
“I looked ridiculous … like Dolly Parton on steroids.” (Credit: Supplied)

Bec’s twins seem to be the most mischievous of her four children as this isn’t the first time Bec has shared a story about their cheeky behaviour.

In April, the activewear mogul locked herself in her bedroom to do some work without the twins interfering and recalled the story on air.

“I thought, ‘God, they’re going to come in and bang the door down.’ So I snuck into the ensuite and sat on the toilet with my laptop. God, I was efficient,” Bec said, but unbeknownst to her, the kids managed to break in.

Playing a short clip she recorded after they burst through the door, the perplexed activewear mogul could be heard asking one of her toddlers how they entered the room, however “it’s still a mystery”. 

Bec Judd fanily
Bec and Chris have four kids together. (Credit: Instagram)

Bec and Chris are proud parents to eight-year-old son Oscar, five-year-old daughter Billie, and twin boys Tom and Darcy who are nearly four.

The couple have been married since 2010 but Bec has admitted that like any husband and wife, they have the odd argument. However, Bec revealed that listening to 90s ballad Love… Thy Will Be Done by Martika helps her to fall back in love with Chris after a fight.

“I have a romance Spotify list, and that’s on there. If I’m ever feeling not in love with my husband, I put that song on and then bang, we’re back on!” she explained.

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