“Waterboarded with Kardashian culture” Bethenny Frankel slams Kardashian empire

"What are we teaching our kids?"
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If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Kardashian news cycle, you’re not alone.

US TV personality Bethenny Frankel has gone in hard on the Kardashian family, using her podcast Just B to slam the family for their recent dramas, which are already more than most of us deal with in a lifetime.

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Taking to the microphone, Bethenny revealed that in all the circles she runs in, women are tired of the Kardashian machine, and are wanting an ‘intermission’ from their constant presence in the media.

“It’s actually endless content so it makes perfect sense that they would be utterly famous,” she commented, referencing the ongoing problems coming from camp Kardashian, which has recently included Kim Kardashian’s split from Pete Davidson and the birth of Khloe Kardashian’s second baby via surrogate to her cheating ex, Tristan Thompson.

Bethenny went on to say she felt like she was being “waterboarded with Kardashian culture”.

“Everybody I speak to, and I know is waterboarded and there’s a whole world out there … we are just being bombarded in a time when it’s been really crazy in this world and we just need a goddamn break,” she said.

“What are we saying to our kids?” (Credit: Instagram)

Bethenny went on to voice her concern for the message that’s being passed on to the younger generation by the famous family.

“What are we doing? What are we saying to our kids? What is the message? Take it all? Be as rich as possible, filter as much as possible, be fake as much as possible, brag as much as possible, be self-involved and take pictures of yourself that make you look in the best light possible – as much as possible?” she ranted.

“Look nothing like what you actually look like, like a shell of your former self … get plastic surgery and lie about it as much as possible … then do a charity donation to rinse it over? What are we doing?”

“It’s just self-involved, it’s narcissistic,” she told her listeners.

“Everything becomes a circus, every relationship becomes roadkill, and carnage, and a casualty, and it’s just a disastrous circus.

“I don’t want to be a consumer of this anymore.”

The Kardashians
Bethenny has called for a “Kardashian detox”. (Credit: Instagram)

She also went in on the family’s obsession with money.

“It’s not the Kardashian’s fault,” she countered. “You see money on the floor, you’re going to pick it up. They’re not leaving a goddamn coin on the floor.”

“We’re handing them every dollar,” she said as she called for a ‘Kardashian detox’.

Bethenny is best known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of New York City, but is also a successful businesswoman and author.

She mentioned having mutual friends with the family, and having met them before, but admitted that overall she “had to say something” after the constant over-exposure of the sisters.

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