Sam and Drew are over! Inside their Big Brother split

Sam spills on why the romance didn't last in the real world.
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Did Samantha Manovski just admit she regrets her relationship with Anthony Drew in the Big Brother house hours after her eviction aired? 

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Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK, Sam revealed she and Drew were well and truly over after he “played her” on the show.

“For me, I date men who are honest and open and transparent and that’s who I surround myself with,” she said.

“So it was a nice little reminder that there are still guys out there that can just lie through their teeth like that.”

She and Drew appeared more loved up than ever in Sam’s final hours in the Big Brother house after weeks of flirting and stealing kisses on the show.

Sam and Drew shared a kiss as she was evicted. (Credit: Channel Seven)

But moments after Sam’s bombshell eviction aired, the stunning brunette took to Instagram with a cryptic caption about her on-screen beau.

Though she said the show was an experience she’ll “cherish for the rest of [her] life”, Sam had a few choice comments about her romance with Drew.

“I met a guy, wore my heart on my sleeve and explored a connection,” she penned.

“What can I say, I am a sucker for romance and these were the perfect conditions to experience a relationship in a totally different way.”

The couple seemed loved up in Sam’s final episodes. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Sam continued: “Who gets to spend time with someone without their phone, a tv or any other ‘normal’ distraction? Not many – and I’m glad I got to have that.”

It wasn’t exactly the gushing declaration of love fans were expecting and things only got more cryptic as Sam went on.

“Did it impact my experience in the house? Yes,” she said of her relationship with Drew.

“And if I had my time again, I would do things differently but life isn’t about getting it right.”

Sam appeared to regret her on-screen romance with Drew. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Is that a hint of regret we hear? Could this mean their romance is already over?

Big Brother fans quickly latched onto Sam’s comments, which seemed to imply she wouldn’t get involved with Drew if she could go back in time to the start of her Big Brother experience.

“Am I reading too much into this or are you saying you regret your relationship with Drew?” one fan commented.

Another asked the most pressing question, “Does this mean you’re single?” and Sam gave TV WEEK the answer.

It’s official – the pair have split. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“[Our relationship] continued for about a month outside the house, and then we decided that we’re just too different and parted ways,” she told the outlet.

“I think that it was great for the experience and what we shared in the house was amazing. Unfortunately we have very different lifestyles and we’re just so different. We are not meant to be together.”

While she and Drew are over, that doesn’t mean Sam is single – she’s found new love with a guy who is much more “honest and real” than Drew. Ouch!

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