How MasterChef Judge Andy Allen Fell for His Wife Alex

Behind the Scenes of Andy and Alex's Beautiful Love Story
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Who would have thought Andy Allen’s MasterChef Australia win back in 2012 would lead him on a path to meet and marry the girl of his dreams? 

Now a judge on the show and happily married, Andy owes the cooking show a great deal considering how much of an impact it had on both his professional and personal life. 

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How did Andy Allen and Alex Davey meet? 

Andy and Alex met in pretty normal circumstances, bumping into each other at a party. 

However, she had no clue he had just won Australia’s most successful cooking competition. 

“When we met, she had no idea who I was,” he explained in an interview with TV WEEK.

“We were both at a party just after I won, and a few people were talking about it. She kept saying, ‘You won MasterChef?’ She thought it was a joke.”

Whilst they may have initially met during the party, they only dated when they crossed each other’s paths again a few years later. 

Andy and Alex Allen
(Credit: Instagram)

Are Andy and Alex Allen married? 

After four years of dating, Andy finally popped the question – al though, he recalled being terrified Alex may say no. 

In an interview with TV WEEK the chef explained the details of his international proposal in New Zealand. 

“I was so scared about the ring going off in the scanner at the airport and having to drop down on one knee and propose in front of the security guards,” Andy told the publication.

Andy and Alex Allen
(Credit: Instagram)

And it wasn’t quite smooth sailing once they landed either! 

“I drove down to what I was told was a nice secluded beach,” Andy shared. “But when we got there, there were more than 300 people on the beach, and the only free spot I could find was next to a couple of 16-year-olds violently pashing. It was the least romantic spot ever!”

In an attempt to save the moment, Andy made the quick decision to ask Alex to take a walk with him, where they eventually found a secluded and perfect spot for the big question. 

“She was so shocked, she basically collapsed on my shoulder,” Andy said. “I pretty much had to ask her if it was a ‘yes’. She was very shocked.”

Andy and Alex Allen
(Credit: Instagram)

In October 2022, the couple officially said ‘I Do’ with a gorgeous wedding at the historic Terrara House in Southern New South Wales. 

Guests included Magdalena Roze and her husband Darren Robertson, Melissa Leong and her boyfriend Rob Mason, and even former Bachelor alum Cat Henesey-Smith.

The pair also went on to enjoy a honeymoon in Taupo, New Zealand and continue to share glimpses into their relationship on Instagram! 

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