The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston are Expecting their First Child

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Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston, who met on season nine of The Bachelor Australia in 2021 have taken to Instagram to announce they are expecting their first child together.

“Coming 2024,” the couple captioned a series of maternity pictures showing Holly’s growing bump and a sonogram picture.

The Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston Announce Pregnancy
(Credit: Instagram)

Fellow Bachelor alumni flooded the announcement with messages of support, with Brittany Hockley responding “Congrats Lovers,” and Laura Byrne writing, “This is the best news ever!! So unbelievably happy for you both.”

“Congrats guys… enjoy your last few months of freedom before you enter hell! Just kidding, parenting is great,” added Matty J, as Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg added a tongue-in-cheek “You’re welcome.”

Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston
The couple wed in 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

Shortly after making their pregnancy announcement, Holly revealed the pair’s private struggle with infertility in the hope their story helps others who are going through a similar experience.

“Our journey to this positive result certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. Nothing could’ve prepared us for the lack of control, the pressure, the disappointment and overwhelming isolation that we felt,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Every time we saw one of these posts, no matter how happy we wanted to be for those on the receiving end … it stung.

Telling her followers that she wanted to share the couple’s struggle to help others feel heard, she continued: “Whilst we were struggling through this privately, we made a promise to ourselves that if / when we do eventually get pregnant, we will acknowledge on here that it wasn’t as easy as we had anticipated… in the hopes it might make some feel less alone.”

“For those looking at this right now experiencing infertility or loss, we see you & from the bottom of our hearts, we hope a little miracle comes your way too.”

Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston on The Bachelor Australia Season Nine
The pair met in 2021 on The Bachelor Australia (Credit: Ten)

After falling in love on the ninth season of The Bachelor Australia, the pilot and fashion stylist tied the knot at Jimmy’s parent’s home in Sydney’s Palm Beach in August 2023.

The wedding came almost exactly a year after the couple announced their engagement, revealing to Stellar magazine at the time that Jimmy had popped the question during a six-week Italian holiday.

“I went in [to the jeweller] with my sister, I had a mask, sunnies and a hat on,” he said of his attempts to go incognito when purchasing the ring.

“They opened the store up early for us. I just didn’t want to risk anyone leaking [the proposal plans] or anything.”

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