The tragic reason Morgan Freeman wears a glove

Fans spotted the glove during the World Cup opening ceremony.
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The 2022 soccer World Cup has officially started and despite the highly contentious location, public backlash and numerous celeb endorsements pulling out, one recognisable Hollywood actor was front and centre during the official opening ceremony: Morgan Freeman. 

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It was a surprising cameo since the American actor was the face of the American bid on the World Cup, yet fans were left confused after noticing the actor’s glove covering his left hand. 

However, the beige gove is nothing new – with the actor wearing it since 2008, following a serious car crash in Mississippi.  

Morgan Freeman
The actor was part of the opening ceremony. (Credit: Getty)

What happened to Morgan Freeman’s left hand? 

In 2008, Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car crash. His car left the road and flipped numerous times before landing in a ditch. 

The actor was airlifted to hospital and despite undergoing surgery her was left with irreversible nerve damage to his left land, leaving it paralysed. 

“I suffered nerve damage and it hasn’t gotten better. I can’t move it,” he told People in 2010.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan was involved in a crash in 2008. (Credit: Getty)

How was Morgan Freeman Paralyzed? 

Despite doctors promising the injury would improve by 2011, the actor’s left-hand remains immobile. 

The glove he wears is a compression garment he has to wear to keep the blood flow going. 

Morgan Freeman
The actor is spotted frequently wearing the garment. (Credit: Getty)

Does Morgan Freeman have a prosthetic hand? 

Many fans wrongly assumed the actor’s hand was amputated following the crash and that his glove was covering a prosthetic limb. But this is not the case. 

Morgan has been spotted numerous times in public not wearing the compression garment.

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