Five Bedrooms season two: Meet the cast!

This delightful Aussie show is back!
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Australian series Five Bedrooms has a brand-new home on Paramount+.

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The original series, which aired on Channel 10 in 2019, will be returning to our screens for a second season next month, with Paramount+ as their new host.

The first series told the story of ‘five singles’, who co-invested by buying and living in one big house together.

Now established housemates, the original five are back for another season.

Five Bedrooms is finally back for a second season! (Credit: Instagram)

Details have been mostly kept under wraps, but Paramount+ has been able to say there’ll be a new home, a DIY renovation, and a DIY renovation injury.

We can also expect two pregnancies, an ex-husband, a workplace bullying complaint, an unexpected tragedy, and love both found and lost.

With almost two years gone by since the first season aired, we thought it was time to re-introduce the cast of brilliant actors who make the show great.

(Credit: Instagram)

Kat Stewart as Liz Wendell

Kat is an established Australian actress, who has been in the game for many years now. She’s won a number of awards for her work, most notably for her role as Billie Proudman in Offspring, one of Australia’s favourite dramas of the last decade. Kat is also well known for portraying the famed Roberta Williams in the very first season of Underbelly. She’s returning to Five Bedrooms as Liz Wendell.

(Credit: Instagram)

Stephen Peacocke as Ben Chigwell

Stephen Peacocke is best known for his long-term stint on Home and Away as Darryl Braxton, which he wrapped up in 2016. He’s also had some Hollywood roles, acting in both Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Me Before You. He returns as Ben Chigwell, who shared a kiss with someone quite surprising at the very end of season one.

(Credit: Instagram)

Doris Younane as Heather Doyle

Doris Younane has been acting for quite some time, and has spoken openly about her relief as no longer being typecast as Lebanese or other Middle Eastern characters, which the role of Heather has allowed her to do. She has had recurring roles in The Wrong Girl and Party Tricks, and will be reprising her role as Heather in the new season of Five Bedrooms.

(Credit: Instagram)

Katie Robertson as Ainsley Elling

Katie Robertson is back as Ainsley Elling, who seems to be one of our pregnancies for the season. Coincidentally, Katie has spent her time in between seasons becoming a mother in real life, giving birth to son George Darcy Dugan in November 2019. She also tied the knot with partner Jesse earlier this year!

(Credit: Instagram)

Roy Joseph as Harry Sethi

Roy Joseph apparently knew the role of Harry Sethi was perfect for him when he read for it. The actor has done his fair share of theatre work, before becoming super popular when season one of Five Bedrooms aired. While COVID made work hard for Roy last year, he performed in LOADED, a re-imagined audio performance of what was originally intended to be a play.

You can catch Five Bedrooms on Paramount+ from August 11.

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