Jesinta Franklin celebrates her post-baby body

“It’s definitely been a journey of self-love.”
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Sydney model Jesinta Franklin has spoken about her growing acceptance for her ‘post-baby body’ after giving birth to two children within the space of 13 months.


Speaking to the Herald Sun from Brisbane, where Jesinta is currently quarantining for two weeks in order to reunite with husband Buddy Franklin, she opened up about her recent campaign with Seafolly.

“There was no hair and make up, it was all very pared back, but it’s nice to feel that little part of me is still alive,” the mum-of-two explained.

“I’ve had two babies in the space of 13 months, which is crazy, so my body doesn’t look the same as it did before, but I feel differently towards it now,” she divulged.

The campaign was designed to represent the four pillars of the iconic swimwear brand – fashion, fit, sustainability and female empowerment.

Jesinta’s campaign, primarily photographed during her pregnancy with son Rocky, was themed around ‘love’, encompassing ideas of self-love and self-acceptance.

“It’s definitely been a journey of self-love, learning to love my new body,” she told the Daily Telegraph back in February.

Jesinta had two children within the space of 13 months. (Credit: Instagram)

“I did feel a bit different being in a bikini, but it doesn’t bother me. There’s some rolls, cellulite, stretch marks and to me that’s all beautiful \,” she told the Herald Sun.

Jesinta has been spending all her time with her two babies while in quarantine, often posting snaps of one-year-old Tullulah staring out windows, colouring in and cheekily reaching for the hotel room’s door handle.

“It’s day by day and the whole thing has changed so many times but we’re hoping to get out,’’ the model said.

“It’s been tough but it’s just the reality of the world we’re living in at the moment.”

Tullulah and Rocky have been reaching milestones during lockdown. (Credit: Instagram)

Her separation from Buddy seems to have made the situation bittersweet, with both of their kids reaching certain milestones during the quarantine period.

“The kids have both grown so much, Tullulah said her first word in here and Rocky rolled for the first time, so we’re just trying to keep Bud involved in those moments as much as possible,” she explained.

“We’re very much at the tail end of it now and there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

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