Who is The Bachelors’ Krystal Thomas? Here’s everything we know

She's like "a lion with prey" when she fancies someone.
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The men on this season of The Bachelors Australia are currently acting like trash – Jed and Felix, we’re looking at you – so we’re pinning our hopes on the women. 

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A stand out contestant this year has, no doubt, been Krystal Thomas. 

From her first paint date with Felix, to calling out Tash for *that* open relationship saga, she’s been confident from rose one.

So, just who is the bachie babe? Here’s everything we know…

Here’s what we know about Krystal. (Credit: Instagram)

Born and raised in the UK, with Caribbean heritage, 26-year-old Krystal eventually settled in Queensland, Australia.

“Guess you could say I’m English with a little spice,” the model said, as per her portfolio on Everi.

Krystal studied fashion promotion in London (and, judging by her Instagram, graduated with first class honours – a queen).

After uni, the avid foodie boarded planes and travelled the world.

She graduated with first class honours. (Credit: Instagram)

“I have managed to visit some amazing countries, learning about the culture and more importantly the food,” she said.

Until now, Krystal has lived by a mantra of “no feelings”.

“I’m scared of getting hurt, but I have to try at some point, right?” she told Ten. ‘Some point’ is now, with the 26-year-old being paired with former pro basketballer, Felix Von Hofe.

And when the model sets her eye on something, she always succeeds – admitting she’s like “a lion with prey” when she fancies someone. “I see it, I want it, I get it.”

“I’m scared of getting hurt, but I have to try at some point, right?” (Credit: Ten)

In fact, Krystal is convinced this in itself is a big reason why she’s still single, explaining that “most guys are intimidated” by her self-assuredness. 

“I also think it’s because I refuse to settle for anything less than I deserve,” she added. “I just think I’ve enjoyed single life so much that I’m used to the lifestyle and almost fear what it’s like to be vulnerable.”

Roses aside, the Queenslander is dedicated to her career in modelling, and making the industry a more inclusive space in the process.

“I am passionate about the future and making a change within the industry so now is the perfect time to put myself out there and be a role model for women who feel they do not fit in with beauty standards,” she told Everi.

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