EXCLUSIVE Lara Worthington at home! ‘I feel so lucky’

The star shares her secrets to staying happy and healthy
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She may have spent the better part of the past decade on the other side of the world, but Lara Worthington admits that returning to Australia earlier this year felt “in some ways … like I never left”.

WATCH: Lara Worthington does a skipping workout at home 

“This is the first time we’ve been here all together, so it’s been nice to be able to see it through their eyes,” she previously shared of returning to home soil.

Having arrived Down Under with her actor husband Sam, 44, and their three boys – Rocket, 6, Racer, 4, and 15-month-old River – in tow in January, the model-turned-entrepreneur was ready to leave lockdown life in Los Angeles behind and enjoy the sun and fresh air that Oz has to offer.

And while that may have not gone entirely to plan – with Sydney currently in the midst of another COVID-19 outbreak – Worthington has been able to find her groove being back home.

Lara Worthington
The Aussie beauty is loving being closer to friends and family and giving her three young boys the childhood she had Down Under.

The 34-year-old has taken the opportunity to collaborate with several much-loved Aussie brands, most recently, as a beauty ambassador for wellness brand Swisse.

The company’s integrated approach to health is something that really resonates with the mum-of-three.

Spending much of her 20s “centred on body issues”, Worthington says that having a baby changed her body for the better and she now approaches her health and beauty from the inside out. “It’s all about a balance of mindfulness, good nutrition and finding time for that daily movement,” she tells WHO.

As for that inevitable parenthood juggle, Worthington admits being “in sync” with Sam has allowed them both to have successful careers, all the while providing their boys with all the love and attention they could ever need.

“We work together really well; it gets better and better, to be honest,” she previously told Marie Claire of their enviable family dynamic. “I think that’s why we keep having more kids because it’s a very enjoyable family.”

Here, Worthington chats to WHO about staying fit physically and mentally, the need for a bit of “me-time” and her tips for surviving lockdown with little ones …

Lara Worthington
With her focus now on nourishing her body from the inside out, Worthington has never looked happier.

How have you been coping with three kids in lockdown?

I’m healthy and so are my loved ones, which is all I can ask for these days. Things that have been getting my family and I through are cooking, playing games, homeschooling, painting, reading and lots of Lego.

What does your daily health routine look like in lockdown?

I spent the whole of 2020 at home in Los Angeles locked down with Sam and our three sons. I was able to work from home and felt very fortunate to be able to do so, since so many people weren’t able to.

Fortunately I have worked out a way to implement exercise into my daily routine by streaming workouts from Fluidform Pilates, which I highly recommend. I bought some workout equipment online and create a makeshift gym wherever I go, which really helps mentally and sets the tone of the day.

Lara Worthington
“Before I had kids, I was always trying to get skinny or be a certain weight,” Worthington has said of her body mindset. “Having a baby changed my body for the better.”

What does beauty mean to you?

Health – staying happy and healthy from the inside out!

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I can soak in some sunshine, an ocean swim and take in the fresh air.

What message do you want to instil in your children?

Be yourself, be kind to others and be kind to yourselves.

How do you stay in shape and so strong?

Good food, long walks, skipping and running after my three sons.

Lara Worthington
The mum-of-three juggles parenting with a successful career.

Why did you decide to become a Swisse ambassador?

Swisse is a beautiful Australian success story. My career wouldn’t be where it is without Australia and its people, and bringing light to the company’s new chapters in beauty from within skincare and wellness makes me very proud. Swisse is all about an integrated approach to wellness – and this reflects the approach I take to my personal health.

How do you deal when you’re having an off day?

An endorphin boost always gets me out of a slump. Fluidform online classes are excellent – they have 15-minute workouts. I also love the Swisse Beauty Collagen Glow Gummies for a quick pick-me-up.

Lara and Sam Worthington
Worthington says she and hubby Sam work as a team so they can both pursue their passions. (Credit: Getty)

How do you balance your home life with your very successful career?

Every parent knows it’s a constant juggling act and I am lucky to have such a great partner to help me with it all. We are both immensely proud and supportive of one another, so stepping in to help is second nature.

How does it feel being home?

I haven’t spent this long in Australia in so many years, so the time with my family and friends is so special.

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