All the best reactions to Rachael’s Love Island elimination

It's brutal out here.
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This new season of Love Island Australia is something else. We’re not too sure what’s gotten into the producers over at Nine – perhaps just two years off due to COVID-19 – but they’ve come back absolutely swinging, giving us the drama we were starved of throughout the pandemic.

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Tonight’s episode saw two girls, both in committed relationships in the villa, put up for elimination – a first for the Australian franchise.

While Islanders Aaron, Chris and Taku were voted by Australia as the ones they most wanted to see find love in the villa, poor Lexy and Rachael had the least amount of votes, leading the top three boys to choose who would stay and who would go.

The brutality of it sent Twitter into an absolute frenzy.


Rachael copped it after a long spiel from Aaron, which was pretty awkward given her boyfriend was on the selection committee.

She then asked the man himself, Chris, to consider leaving the villa with her. Considering he had seemed to have doubts prior to this, his decision was somewhat expected.

Many tears were shed, but ultimately, he decided not to cut his journey short and remain in the villa – sending Twitter into a frenzy.


Although one girl had been dumped, the next person to join the villa turned out to be a ‘McMan’, as Courtney called him, with the arrival of ‘bomb’ Nicolas shaking things up the morning after Rachael’s departure.

He immediately caught Courtney’s eye, who shared with him that she’d received the most public votes for the Islander that Australia most wanted to find love.

We’re crossing all our fingers and toes that this might be it for Courtney.


But things eventually did have to be evened out, and Zoe was sent in not long after Nicolas, recognising her strength in being a blonde.

“Being a blonde and going into the villa, I think that could definitely stir the pot a bit, because if a guy likes a blonde, he likes a blonde,” she told the camera, and truer words were never spoken, especially on this season of Love Island.

“I think the girls were definitely jealous, especially of a blonde,” she admitted in a confessional after entering the villa.

“It seems to be, there’s not too many blondes around here, so they’re sussing me out.”


Eventually, Chris caught her eye after she saw him perform an exercise class as his German alter-ego, Hans, who is beloved by all across the Villa and Australia.

The pair went for a chat at the end of the night, where Zoe showed off her Despicable Me Gru impression, which definitely turned Chris’s head. What is with this boy and girls who do impressions?

The night ended with him planting one on her, but not before he asked, very politely, if he could do so. 


And while we’re at it – did we see an ad for Casa Amor?

Casa Amor is the part of Love Island that sees the boys and girls swapped out, testing the loyalties of the original cast when they’re presented with a parade of ‘fresh meat’.

Although it seems too soon for such a switcheroo, we’re already excited – especially given the cast of new singles look like they’re bringing some more diversity to the show as well.


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