Dan Webb mocks Jessika Power for joining Love Island

"It would probably wreck the show".
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It’s been more than a year since he auditioned for Married at First Sight, but Dan Webb tells WHO that if he had his chance to do it again, he would apply for a different Channel 9 dating show.“ Sign me up to Love Island!” he says. 

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The reality TV star, who garnered a lot of attention during his stint on MAFS, believes he would have been much better suited to the Fiji-based series.

“With MAFS they really throw you in the deep end,” he says. “But in Love Island you can feel things up before you commit.”

He’s quick to reject any speculation about his potential return to reality TV, however. “I think I’m a bit old,” Webb says.

“Maybe I could change my passport detailsand get in there!” In an exclusive interview with WHO, the 35-year-old talks about having more than one connection to this season’s Love Island contestants.


Is it true you know Love Island’s Vanessa?

I’ve dated Vanessa. I’d just broken up with Jess [Power, from MAFS] and she was really keen, but I just wasn’t in the right mind frame to get into a new relationship. She’s a lovely person. I couldn’t say a bad thing about her. I’m still good friends. We speak all the time. She’s a powerhouse, but she is a bit younger than me.

Is that why it didn’t work between you two?

She’s only 24, but she’s more mature than me – it was just really bad timing. She wasn’t based on the Gold Coast and I have a son so it was hard. We only dated for a couple of weeks, but we did spend a lot of time together. I had a lot of good fun with her.

Do you have a message for her?

I wish her the best. I hope she finds love because she’s a loyal person and she genuinely wants to find love – that’s what she was looking for when I was speaking to her. She doesn’t need the fame; she already has thousands of Instagram followers.


How do Vanessa and Adam know each other?

Adam and Vanessa met once at lunch – I took her to a lunch with some of the guys. It would have been a quick hello and goodbye. I wouldn’t say they know each other – they’ve met but that’s about it. It’s such a small world.

Adam previously told WHO you two are friends. How would you describe him?

Adam is the most loyal, down to earth, family-orientated bloke you’ll ever meet. He only surrounds himself with good people. His mum’s lovely, his sister’s lovely. I think that’s why Australia loves him, because he’s so funny and such a genuine bloke.

Is he on the show for the right reasons?

I definitely think he’s in there for the right reasons. He has always wanted to find a missus. And why not go on a show to find one when they’re throwing in a few good sorts? He’s got high standards, and so he should because he’s a good guy.


What’s with that hair of his?

I think he was told to grow it out on the show. It suits him. He’s always run that hairdo, but he’s growing it out. He’s a trendsetter.

What would his exes say about him?

I don’t know much about his exes. He’s only young,
though. I wasn’t in my first relationship until 28.So, he’s on the right path.

Do you know anyone else on the show?

It would be weird to see who else will go on the show. I wonder if Jess will roll on
in. It would probably wreck the show.

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