Mitch Eynaud becomes latest MAFS star to join OnlyFans

Another one jumps on the trend.
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Mitch Eynaud has become the next in a long line of Married At First Sight stars to join the adult subscription-only content platform OnlyFans.

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Despite having a large Instagram following, Mitch – who was paired with Ella Ding on the show – usually keeps a pretty low profile – so it was a surprise when he announced his latest venture.

He captioned a shirtless Instagram Story selfie with the words “We on,” adding a link to his OnlyFans.

This makes him the third cast member to join the platform from his season of MAFS, following Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie.

(Credit: Instagram)

OnlyFans became part of the central drama of his season, when a private image of Domenica Calarco from her OnlyFans was shared among the cast.

While Olivia Frazer was accused of distributing it illegally, she maintains this is not what happened, and that she showed others an image of Domenica that was already publicly available online.

The scandal clear did not deter the cast from joining the platform – and earning some serious cash in the process.

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Mitch married Ella Ding on the show. (Credit: Nine Network)

Olivia Frazer has allegedly already made more than $200,000 in her first month, while partner Jackson Lonie has also apparently made tens of thousands of dollars for his content, too.

Other MAFS stars that have joined include Jessika Power, who earns around $120,000 a month, and Ines Basic, who has had a lucrative account for over a year now.

Amanda Micallef, who is remembered as one-half of MAFS’ first same-sex couple, also joined the site in 2021.

“It doesn’t have to be porn, strictly. It can be used for education … certain fetishes, but I’m going to be exploring a side to me that I embrace, and that is my dominant side,” she wrote on Instagram as she promoted the account.

Jessika Power is also making bank on the platform. (Credit: Instagram)

Mishel Karen is also on the site, having joined after losing her job in 2021.

“Being a single mum, I have never really had extra cash to do much with or to live an extravagant life, but I just don’t want my children to have to struggle to pay bills or be in debt,” she told The Daily Telegraph in 2022.

“I have earned a really nice amount of money to help us through this difficult time. Well, at least I can pay my new mortgage for a few months,” she added.

Other stars to join the platform include Hayley Vernon, Alana Lister, and Jaimie Gardner.

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