I’m A Celebrity’s Maria Thattil gives her best beauty tips

"After a day without makeup, I have never felt more beautiful."
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With so many feathers in her proverbial cap, it’s no surprise that Maria Thattil was ready to take on the ‘so-called Aussie jungle’ and join the cast of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! for 2022.

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Pocket-rocket Maria is best known to us as Miss Universe Australia, a title she received in 2020.

She was only the third woman of colour to represent Australia in the pageant,and she was also the shortest, standing at just 5”3’.

However, Maria has accomplished a lot more than just Miss Universe in her 28 years.

She is also a writer, speaker, and activist, and creator – making content that reflects her many values.

Maria was Miss Universe Australia in 2020. (Credit: Instagram)

“I am many things – but first and foremost, I believe I am proof that ambition backed with intention, action, and conscious energy will enable you to soar,” Maria has written on her website.

“A firm believer in the power of diversity, inclusivity, equality and mastering the mind – I work to create space so that others too can become their most empowered self,” she continues.

As living proof, she has created the Mind With Me podcast, where she discusses social and cultural matters that impact listeners, and also offers occasional advice and expert insights.

Somehow, with her many commitments, Maria still finds time to keep her skin glowing, and we were dying to ask her what products she missed most while competing on I’m a Celebrity.

Maria is currently in the ‘so-called Aussie jungle’ competing on I’m A Celebrity. (Credit: Ten)

What products did you miss most while in the jungle?

I really missed my Clinique Moisture Surge 100-hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrater, because if I’m not going to wear anything else at the very least I want my hydration. When you’re exposed to the elements, your skin really dries out, so I really missed my moisturisers.

Were you allowed to use SPF in the jungle?

Yes! The sunscreen on set smelled like perfume, so when you don’t have access to a great shower that was a very big plus!

Maria hugging fellow I’m A Celeb cast mate, Joey Essex. (Credit: Ten)

What’s your favourite SPF product?

If I recommend one, I say go for something with moisture and SFF protection. I love the Olay Regenerist Whip with SPF protection.

What was the first beauty-related thing you did when you got home?

I put a sheet mask on my face and a hair mask in. I got home late but made sure I showered and put on a good Olay Sheet Mask and treated myself. Lord knows I needed it!

“There are going to be a lot of little brown kids watching me who would see their faces in mine.” (Credit: Instagram)

Did you miss wearing makeup?

Wholeheartedly, I was scared to be that vulnerable and bare and I have watched myself back and on these HD screens my face is right there. Funnily enough after a day without makeup, I have never felt more beautiful. Being bare gave me the confidence to say I just don’t need it, and it gave me the confidence to know that there are going to be a lot of little brown kids watching me who would see their faces in mine. It doesn’t fit the usual standard of beauty they see on telly but that doesn’t mean that that is the only standard of beauty. People have dark circles and chapped lips and it doesn’t matter. This is what real people look like.

If you had one self-care essential you could have taken, what would it have been?

I would probably take a book. I know I am grounded when I can listen to podcasts or read books around spirituality and personal development. When I don’t have time to do that, I feel really off balance. That is my self-care essential as it keeps my mind balanced and focused on the right things.

(Credit: Instagram)

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