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Farmer Wants A Wife 2023: Sophie and Brenton break silence on split

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Although we were initially doubtful, the trailers for this year’s season of Farmer Wants A Wife Australia assured us that it would be the most triumphant season to date.

Reality TV programs, particularly those centred around love, don’t always have the best track record when it comes to lasting relationships.

However, as we reached the end of the season, it was evident that Sam Armytage’s declaration was not unfounded. This season truly surpassed our expectations, as five couples discovered love and are genuinely flourishing together.

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Whilst the reunion episode initially showed Farmer Brenton and Sophie’s flourishing relationship after the show, the pair took to Instagram in August to share that they were no longer together. 

Just weeks later, Sophie has revealed more details in her Instagram story. “I have kept quiet but the comments on this are horrible,” she began. 

In the note, she explained that she always understood the responsibilities of living on a farm and was pressured by producers to mention she wanted to travel. “I took this experience seriously. I was ready to find love.”

“There is so much that happened that people have no idea about and they’re judging our entire relationship off a couple of minutes of edited footage they saw on TV.”

“I lived with Brenton for over 6 months and went through a lot. I will never publicly share these details. But just know, I tried my absolute best to build a lifelong relationship. I loved him and I was deeply hurt by the situation.” 


Sophie took to Instagram to share details of their split. (Credit: Instagram)
Brenton’s response. (Credit: Instagram)

Brenton later took to his own Instagram account to seemingly reply, posting a photoshopped image of himself along with the caption, “dodging bullets.”

This marks the first time the farmer has spoken of his split after Sophie first broke the news of their separation. 

Just days after his cryptic reply the young farmer spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the split. 

“Neither of us wanted the breakup but we got to a point where we needed time apart after the experience we had just come through! It seemed to be very civil until a few weeks ago,” he told the publication. 

“A few weeks ago Sophie messaged me saying she wanted to announce the spilt which I thought was a bit weird considering we decided not to, but I was fine with that.

“We still seemed to be OK then she blocked me off social media. Then goss (rumours) started flying around the community about someone new on the scene,” he said.

“I know there’s going to be a time when hopefully we both move on but If the rumours are true I felt it was a little disrespectful to happen as soon as it did.”

Brenton’s interview comes shortly after Sophie herself spoke with the publication, telling Yahoo Lifestyle, “Brenton and I mutually parted, but are no longer in regular communication. I wish him all the best for a happy future,”

farmer Brenton and Sophie
(Credit: Seven)

Sophie first broke the news of their split on social media. “I have an update to share,” Sophie wrote on Instagram at the time. “With a heavy heart, I want to let everyone know Brenton and I have gone our separate ways.”

“Reg and I loved our life in Darriman and have been missing the farm a lot. It’s a disappointing ending, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my values.” 

“I wish Brenton all the best and want to thank everyone for their support, especially my family and friends.” 

Farmer Wants A Wife
(Credit: Seven)

Unlike some other Farmers this season, who knew which woman they would pick almost from the start, Farmer Brenton’s search for love led him into a very difficult journey. 

By the end of the season, the Farmer from Victoria had grown close to both Sophie and Rachel and had a difficult choice to make. 

“Soph’s always been one of the favourites from the start,” he shared on the show as he travelled to her home in Hamilton, Victoria. “I took her back to the farm and things just shot off from there.

“I can envision a future with Rachel,” he also added, “but her feelings towards me remain unspoken. It’s a thought that’s constantly nagging at me.”

“I’ve just got to weigh up these things and go with my heart and hopefully pick the right lady,” Brenton shared during the last episode, before telling producers his head was “in a spin.”

“It’s a tough decision that I’ve got coming up but I think it will come down to who I think will be best suited to the farm.”

Farmer Wants a Wife
(Credit: Seven)

After Brenton told Rachel that she wasn’t his chosen one, he admitted that it was “heart-wrenching.” 

“It’s heart-wrenching to make someone feel like that. It’s my first time causing a heartbreak.”

And although he had to let down Rachel, the final episode did see him confess his love to Sophie.  “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before,” he admitted.

“We’ve created so many beautiful memories, and I can’t wait to take you back to the farm. You’re the most stunning girl I’ve ever met. I’m falling in love with you.”

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