Wait…could Kyle MacLachlan AKA Trey MacDougal be joining And Just Like That?

And just like that our hopes are high!
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Sex and The City had some memorable characters in its six-season run – but it’s safe to say Trey MacDougal was one of the more peculiar men of the franchise. Sweet and charming (not to mention rich), Trey, played by Twin Peak’s Kyle MacLachlan seemed perfect for Charlotte York – but it quickly became apparent not was all as it seemed when it came to the cardiologist, whose mother issue’s and sexual difficulties destroyed his marriage.

The return of New York’s leading ladies in the reboot And Just Like That in 2021 offered fans an opportunity to check in with Carrie Bradshaw and co. delving into what their lives look like almost 25 years later. But, the reboot also brought a new question: Where would the rest of the SATC cast be in 2024?

Since season one, And Just Like That has given fans updates on their favourite supporting characters, with audiences checking in on Anthony Marentino, Harry Goldenblatt, Steve Brady, Aidan Shaw and albeit briefly, Mr Big (RIP). But now, as Season three approaches, fans are left wondering if Trey MacDougal’s return could also be a possibility.

Trey and Charlotte in Sex and the City
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Is Kyle MacLachlan joining And Just Like That?

Whilst many believed Trey MacDougal’s story arch was safely stuck in the ’00s, a recent interview with Kyle has left fans hopeful.

Speaking with US Weekly, the 65-year-old revealed he wasn’t opposed to reprising his iconic role.

“Let me get my contract out here. Anything is possible,” he teased. “Anything is possible. Who knows?” he added before teasing he would be “open to a cameo.”

Trey and his mother Bunny in Sex and the city
(Credit: HBO)

Kyle also admitted to the publication that he looks back at his time on the cult-classic show with fondness – even if some of the scenes still haunt him.

“There are a few, a handful [of scenes] where I think back and I go, I mean, you just have to close your eyes and jump in and you’re just like, ‘OK, here we go and trust that everything is going to be OK,’ which it was,” he said. “They were a lot of fun.”

If an appearance on And Just Like That is on the cards, Kyle also revealed he would love to pay homage to one of his more unforgettable scenes. Yes, that one where Trey’s mother, who was played by the late Frances Sternhagen, feeds him in the bathtub.

“Sadly, Francis is no longer with us,” he said of Frances, who died in November 2023. “But I’m sure we could figure out [how] to make that work.”

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