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It seems as though the 2022 season of The Bachelor is shrouded in more mystery than ever before as producers work to shake things up.

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Many fans, as well as some former contestants, had begun to think the format of the show was getting ‘tired’.

After nine seasons of a pretty predictable top three – bar the year Honey Badger threw us a curveball by choosing no one – engagement with the show seemed to be on a downward slide.

In 2013, 1.186 million metro viewers tuned in to watch Tim Robards choose his now-wife Anna Heinrich, whereas last year, just 482,000 chose to watch the premiere episode of Jimmy Nicholson’s season.

A change is probably essential to keep the show going at this point, and we’ve been served plenty of intrigue as rumours abound about filming and potential Bachelors.

We’re here to untangle the web of Bachelor confusion and keep you abreast of all the gossip and rumours, so scroll on!

While we ADORE season nine’s Jimmy and Holly, they did seem set in stone from episode one. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is the Bachelor for 2022?

We were certain we had it when celebrity gossip platform The Wash published paparazzi pictures of Melbourne guy Felix Von Hofe on a date with a pretty blonde contestant, where they looked embroiled in a tense game of football.

We even saw Felix swap the ball for a rose, and were privy to a picture of the blonde bombshell grinning with delight as she held the flower.

However, a pretty reliable source has now said the whole thing was a decoy.

Host of the show Osher Günsberg revealed to B105’s Abby Coleman that he was still in NSW, and hadn’t yet left for the Gold Coast, which is where the new season is being filmed.

“I don’t know what it is!” he told her.

Abby went on to point out that the rose looked a bit droopy and sad, and not like the ones handed out on the show, and we’re kind of inclined to agree.

In May, Ten confirmed not one but three Bachelors for the upcoming season! 

Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Philbin-Malucelli and Jedidiah “Jed” McIntosh will all be appearing on the show this year with a whole host of gorgeous ladies vying for their hearts.

Felix is a pro basketballer, Thomas is a former restaurant manager turned fitness icon and wildcard Jed is a muso – a drummer, to be specific.

Osher is throwing us right off. (Credit: Getty)

When will The Bachelor air? 

It looks like Bachie fans will have to wait a bit longer for their reality TV fix – with news that The Bachelor premiere has been pushed till 2023. 

Channel 10 announced at their upfronts in October that the show would be returning in January 2023. 

“What better way to start the year than with a Rose Ceremony? We’ll see you in January!” the network wrote on Instagram. This comes after a source previously suggested Channel 10 would not be going ahead with plans to air The Bachelor this year.

“Ten have made the call to delay the show until early 2023 so they can focus on promoting The Real Love Boat,” they said.

Osher took to Instagram in Early November to announce the official debut date of The Bachelor, confirming that the season would start on january 9th 2023.

Meet Felix! One of the Bachelors for 2022. (Credit: Getty)

Is there a Bachelorette?

Way back in January, a casting call from 10 asked for “single men and women” to apply for the new season of The Bachelor.

Many assumed that the new Bachelor was bisexual, and would follow on with the same format of Brooke Blurton’s season, which had men and women competing for her heart.

The other theory is that the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons would be combined, which would definitely make for a new approach.

This would mean men and women would be living in the Bachelor mansion again, leading to potential temptation between the contestants.

If that’s the case, we say bring on the chaos!

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