Netflix’s The Crown to make way for potential spin-offs

Are Harry and William getting their own series?
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Good news for fans of The Crown, we might be getting more than we’ve bargained for when it comes to Netflix’s biggest show.

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A report from British newspaper The Sun has suggested the planned ending of The Crown will be altered to open things up for a spin-off series about the young royals – mostly Harry and William.

The show’s fifth and final series was believed to be ending in the year 2002, when Queen Elizabeth lost both her mother and her sister, Margaret.

However, it’s now thought to be ending in 2005, when Charles finally married his long-term love, Camilla Parker-Bowles, who will become Queen Consort when he is finally named King.

Olivia Colman has starred as Queen Elizabeth for the last two seasons. (Credit: Netflix)

“It’s a small but significant shift because it’s seen as marking the start of an era which becomes more focused on Princes William and Harry and their father,” the source revealed.

“The marriage of Charles and Camilla is treated like the end of one turbulent period in the Windsors’ story, and the start of a whole new one.”

Indeed, as Harry and William have grown up before our eyes, monarchists have remained interested in their many exploits – especially as they have gotten married and had children of their own.

This obsession reached boiling point during Megxit, when Harry and wife Meghan Markle decided to step back as senior royals in 2020 and relocate to North America.

Prince Charles with Harry and William in 2005. (Credit: Getty)

Harry was 21 in 2005, the same year he was embroiled in a scandal for donning a Nazi costume, a decision that followed him around for many years to come.

In the years since, he has served in the Air Force, married Meghan, and become a father who is now based in LA, far from his family – which would make excellent fodder for a fictionalised version of recent royal history.

Prince William was 23 in 2005 and finishing up his university studies. By this time, he was already dating Kate Middleton, with the pair first meeting in 2001.

While they briefly split in 2007, we all know they married in 2011, going on to have three children – George, Charlotte, and Louis.

The princes with their wives. (Credit: Getty)

You can stream seasons 1-4 of The Crown now on Netflix.

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