Fans call for The Kardashians show to be cancelled

Will season two be its last?
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Despite the action-packed trailers of The Kardashians, it looks like the Hulu reality show is not entirely living up to fans’ expectations. 

Watch Below: Fans call The Kardashians season two “boring.”

The new show definitely had big footsteps to fill, following the cult classic Keeping up with the Kardashians which aired an impressive 20 seasons on E! between 2007 and 2021. 

And although the first season was met with good reviews, season two isn’t quite making the best impressions, despite promising viewers a drama-filled 10 episodes. 

The season did start off with a bang, with an entire episode dedicated to Khloé, Tristan and baby no.2.

But in the weeks following, fans have taken to social media to label the new season boring, despite the fact the show is only halfway through the new season.

Kim’s Skims line plays a big role in season 2. (Credit: Getty)

Why? Because of the prominent and repetitive self-advertising. 

“Kardashians is such a chore to watch lately,” said @_chloemb on a popular TikTok video. 

“It’s just constant ads and product placement,” they continued, as clips of the new season played to highlight their point.

In the montage, footage of the Kardashians repeatedly talking about Skims, Good American, 818 – all Kardashian-owned brands, was shown.

“Bring back Kim and her Bentley, Lord Disick, jail selfies, cute jeans, Todd Kraines and diamond earrings,” the video demanded, referencing the good old days of KUWTK.

Kendall’s 818 Tequila is also featured prominently! (Credit: Getty)

Many in the comments agreed, with one offering: “There’s no fun anymore. There’s no wholesomeness or genuine sibling conversations it feels all rehearsed.”

“The entire episode felt like it was all one big ad,” wrote another, whilst a third explained that the new show had “no personality.”

Others did try to explain why they thought the new show had a different tone, revealing they believed the family focused on their business life following complaints that “they don’t work,” but even those fans agreed the new direction “hasn’t really worked. 

Khloe’s Good American line is also a staple of the show. (Credit: Getty)

Even though fans don’t seem to be enjoying the new season, it doesn’t mean The Kardashians are going anywhere yet! 

Season three has been confirmed and although we don’t have an exact date for when the series will air, it has been confirmed that filming has already begun.

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