The final teams for The Voice are here!

Did your favourite make it through The Cuts?
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The final blind auditions for The Voice took place tonight, leading us into what will be the final teams for season 10.

WATCH BELOW: The Voice 2021 First Look

We saw our last few blind auditions first, with Penelope Pettigrew filling the final slot for the second year in a row.

With no time to lose, the audience was then taken through ‘The Cuts’, which saw Rita, Keith, Guy and Jess take their teams of ten or more members down to a final five.

Here are the top 20 who will go through to the next round, ‘The Battles’.

Team Rita

(Credit: Seven)

Halimah Kyrgios

The older sister of tennis-player Nick Kyrgios, Halimah auditioned with Tina Turner’s Chains.

(Credit: Instagram)

Sofia Watt

One of the youngest competitors this year, Sofia is just 15.

WATCH BELOW: G-Nat!on audition for The Voice

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The super-talented girl group made it in as one contestant, meaning all six will continue to compete together.

(Credit: Seven)

Sian Fuller

At 16, Sian thought she was too young to audition for The Voice, and just came to support her brother. However, a once-in-a-lifetime shot has seen both of the Fullers make the top 20.

WATCH BELOW: Tanya George auditions for The Voice

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Tanya George

This loop-pedal master established herself with a brilliant rendition of Florence + The Machine’s You’ve Got The Love.

Team Keith

(Credit: Seven)

Arlo Sim

Soulful singer Arlo Sim is here to stay, when Keith chose to take both himself and Jediael through to the next knockout round.

(Credit: Seven)


Jediael smashed her audition with Shawn Mendes’ Wonder.

(Credit: Instagram)

Lozz Benson

While Lozz still seems shocked she’s seen by Keith as a singer, rather than as just a drummer, we’re not surprised to see her in the top 20!

(Credit: Seven)

Lau Abend

The fearless Lau, who was once left at sea in a scuba diving incident, is ready to keep proving herself.

(Credit: Seven)

Cassie McIvor

With the belting ability of Celine Dion herself, we’re not surprised to see Cassie make it this far given her powerhouse audition with It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

Team Guy

(Credit: Instagram)

Jordan Fuller

The equally-talented Fuller sibling, Jordan captured our hearts with his smooth vocals and his moustache.

WATCH BELOW: Bella Taylor Smith sings Ave Maria by Beyonce

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Bella Taylor Smith

The voice that stopped the nation, Bella Taylor Smith is in it to win it!

(Credit: Seven)

Adrian Hood

In a move that saw Guy try to pit Adrian and Chantel against each other, the audience was relieved to see them both make the next round.

(Credit: Seven)

Chantel Cofie

While auditioning with an original song is always a risk, it’s paid off for Chantel so far!

(Credit: Seven)

Penelope Pettigrew

The last to audition two years in a row, Penelope’s tenacity has paid off with a spot on Team Guy.

Team Jess

(Credit: Seven)

Evile Laloata

Evile gave a memorable audition with Coldplay’s Fix You, and he will go on to do even more great work in the battle rounds.

WATCH BELOW: Janaki Easwar sings Lovely by Billie Eilish on The Voice

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Jannaki Easwar

The youngest voice for the 2021 season, Jannaki is only 12!

(Credit: Seven)

Mick Harrington

With perhaps the most memorable audition this year, Mick is remembered for not only his stunning vocals, but also his proposal to partner, Bec.

(Credit: Seven)

Seann Miley Moore

X-Factor veteran Seann Miley Moore has found his place on Team Jess.

(Credit: Seven)

Ella Monnery

Having made it through last year’s battle rounds, Ella got stuck in her native New Zealand when COVID-19 saw our borders close. She’s back and ready to win it this time.

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