The Voice: Who made the semi finals?

Powerhouse vocals, talented siblings and one girl group have gone through.
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After two tense nights on The Voice, which saw the top 20 artists battle it out for a final eight spots, we’ve finally got all of our semi-finalists.

WATCH BELOW: G-Nat!on audition for The Voice

In a Voice first, last weeks’ Cuts saw the extended teams from the blind auditions whittled down to a final five for each coach.

With no time to lose, they were put through the ringer by their coaches, completing 90 second performances over the last two nights to prove who should move into the next round.

The coaches had the choice to send their artists home straight after their performance, make them wait until all the other artists had performed, or send them straight through to the semi-final – a result handed out to a lucky few.

After some difficult choices, the top eight are now here.

Guy’s top two, Bella Taylor Smith and Jordan Fuller (Credit: Seven/Instagram)

With Team Guy and Team Keith up first, we saw Bella Taylor Smith and Arlo Sim taken straight through to the semi-finals, while others were told to either head back home to keep working on their craft, or wait until the end of the show to learn their fate.

Guy picked Jordan Fuller to go through with Bella, and Keith opted for Lau Abend to join Arlo Sim in his very top two.

Arlo spoke to WHO about his completely memorable performance, and his implicit trust in Keith as his coach.

“Keith is wise and knowledgeable, and I have learnt so much from him already, so I can’t wait to see what happens next!” he said.

Keith’s top two are Lau Abend and Arlo Sim (Credit: Seven)

In last night’s episode, the audience was wowed by performances from favourites like Evile Laloata, Seann Miley Moore, Jannaki Easwar and Sofia Watt.

However, the swift nature of the cuts meant that none of these faves made it through.

Rita sent her girl group, G-Nat!on straight through to the semi-final after their opening performance of N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye.

She later picked Sian Fuller, Jordan’s sister, to join them.

Rita picked Sian Fuller and G-Nat!on to go through to the semis. (Credit: Seven/Instagram)

New Zealand-born vocalist Ella Monnery seemed to have the same effect on Jess that G-Nat!on had on Rita, electing to send her straight through to the finale.

Despite a series of beautiful performances, Jess only had one spot left to offer, which eventually went to Mick Harrington, the mowing and garden maintenance man from Victoria, who famously proposed to his partner after his blind audition.

“You’re not just Mick the lawn mower, you could be Mick the megastar,” Jess told him after his performance of Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You.

Ella Monnery and Mick Harrington will go through for Team Jess. (Credit: Seven)

The Voice semi-finals will take place next Sunday, with all eight performers taking to the stage to fight for their place in the grand final.

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