Where To Watch The World’s Favourite Medical Drama, Grey’s Anatomy

The show we can't seem to let go of.
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During those moments when all we want to do is unwind, it’s unsurprising that we often find comfort in the ongoing medical saga, Grey’s Anatomy.

While we deal with the usual everyday chaos, it can feel almost calming to enter a universe where everything is kept under control by the familiar faces of doctors we trust, even if they’re not really doctors at all.

Grey’s Anatomy has also returned for its milestone 20th season this year and is available to watch on Disney+, giving us all the more reason to tune in.

But after so many years – and with the news that the series has been renewed for season 21 – it is worth asking why rapt viewers keep coming back to the show.

Despite the horrible things that consistently happen to our heroine, Meredith Grey, the show offers up a level of continuity that’s hard to ignore.

Our favourite on-screen besties, Meredith and Cristina. (Credit: ABC) (Credit: ABC)

We’ve watched Meredith go from being an intern to a resident, to Director of the Residency program at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which itself has had three different names across the series.

We’ve seen her fall in love, become a mum, and lose her beloved Derek, but after all that viewers keep returning for more of Meredith and the ever-changing cast of characters. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than familiarity.

And because there’s so much of the series to consume, fans don’t even have to go in order.

There’s an argument to be had for visiting the scenes that continue to live in our head, rent-free, years on from their conception.

Meredith has been through A LOT, but we keep coming back for more. (Credit: ABC) (Credit: ABC)

Take Meredith and Derek’s post-it note wedding from season five, or even her famous “pick me, choose me, love me,” speech to him in season two (even though it took him longer than we would have liked to pick her).

Or, if you find their up-and-down romance isn’t entirely to your taste, there are also great moments of friendship in the show – Meredith and Cristina’s dance parties, or the season eight episode where they got drunk while playing baseball at work, all make for great TV.

You can re-live your favourite Grey’s Anatomy moments, or start it all again from the very beginning, by catching up on all seasons now on Disney+, or tune in for season 20 now as it airs. No word on the release of season 21 has been revealed just yet, but stay tuned.

Stream Grey’s Anatomy now on Disney Plus with a mth-to-mth no lock-in contract. Subscribe here.

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