Have dry, acne-prone skin? Here’s why you need to try my holy grail skincare trio

Our tried and tested faves to keep angry skin at bay.

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, the cooler months have well and truly set in. As a generally sweaty gal, I relish the moment I can finally feel the change of seasons. My skin, however, does not.

When I say I have temperamental skin, I really mean it. After many years of multiple acne-fighting prescriptions, high-tech facials, and endless change-ups to my skincare routine, my delicate complexion has landed somewhere in the spectrum of dehydrated, combination, and acne-prone. Love that for me!

While I’ve yet to discover the ultimate all-in-one product to address my endless list of skin concerns, I have tried and tested so many cleansers, moisturisers, serums, and exfoliants to the point where I think I’ve finally uncovered what works for my skin – enter my favourite ALPHA-H beauty buys.

Three ALPHA-H skincare products stacked on pink tray.
My ALPHA-H trio! (Sage Melting Moment Cleansing Balm was a limited edition sorry) (Credit: WHO)

After years of fluctuating between a two-step to 10-step nighttime skincare routine, I’ve narrowed down my bedtime beauty regime to a solid five steps, with three of those five featuring my beloved ALPHA-H all-stars – The Melting Moment Cleansing Balm, Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera, and the viral Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment.

I first picked up a gift set that included the Melting Moment Cleansing Balm and Balancing Cleanser in the Boxing Day sales after my first few washes, that grime-fighting duo has been my go-to cleansing lineup ever since.

As much as I’d love to say I spend 60 seconds massaging my face in circular motions, that is absolutely not the case. If I’m cleansing, I want it to be fast, effective, and to leave my skin clean but not tight, and these two products do exactly that.

Designed for all skin types, the Melting Moment Cleansing Balm is a great first cleanse, featuring grapeseed oil and vitamin E to wash away SPF and makeup without leaving your skin feeling like a slippery dip. I follow my first cleanse with a nice creamy lather of the Balancing Cleanser – a soothing and gentle cream cleanser formulated with aloe vera to cleanse, calm, and clarify. Did I mention they both help maintain your skin’s ideal pH balance? Big win for barrier repair!

ALPHA-H products scattered across two clear shelves.
(Credit: ALPHA-H)

In case you missed it, I have acne-prone skin, and while I can generally keep my pesky little pimples at bay, I’m sadly not immune to a classic hormonal breakout.

As much as love the feeling of a physical exfoliant on my face, my delicate skin can not handle a good scrub as well as my body can (and I really don’t need another shredded skin barrier). Despite being a bit wary of a chemical exfoliant, I decided to try out the ALPHA-H Liquid Gold Exfoliating Lotion after it landed across my desk earlier this year and I can safely say I understand the hype now.

This liquid exfoliant has been a #1 best seller for over 25 years and after watching countless product reviews on TikTok and YouTube, I gave my skin a swipe of this exfoliant and boy, does it work a treat.

I woke up the next morning glowy, smooth, but not irritated. Sounds like magic right? Turns out ALPHA-H’s Liquid Gold isn’t just formulated with 5% glycolic acid, but also delivers an enhanced exfoliation through its low pH formula which helps boost the overall effectiveness and depth of exfoliation of Liquid Gold’s hero ingredient.

After a lather of my favourite moisturiser, my skin is looking my hydrated, calm, and my congestion has visibly diminished, so I think I’ll be sticking with this product lineup for the foreseeable future.

WHO’s Favourite ALPHA-H Beauty Buys

Hand holding the ALPHA-H cleansing balm.
(Credits: ALPHA-H)

ALPHA-H Melting Moment Cleansing Balm

$69.95 at ALPHA-H

(Credits: ALPHA-H)

ALPHA-H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera

$54.95 at ALPHA-H

(Credits: ALPHA-H)

ALPHA-H Liquid Gold 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Treatment

$74.95 at ALPHA-H

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