Go-To Skincare’s EOFY Lucky Dip Sale is Here!

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If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of skincare, you’ve definitely come across the perfect peach packaging of Go-To Skincare. 

Founded by former Beauty Director of Harper’s Bazaar and skincare fanatic Zoe Foster Blake, Go-To’s range of fun, no-fuss skincare has quickly garnered a cult-favourite status among beauty enthusiasts, with Go-To’s Face Hero Face Oil taking out the top spot in the 2020 MECCA Beauty Election. 

Whether you’re a dedicated Go-To fan or hoping to try out the range for the first time, you’re in luck! 

To celebrate the end of the financial year, Go-To Skincare has launched its Lucky Dip Duo sale, gifting every customer two free products if they place an order of $65 or more.

If you’re in need of some new skincare goodies and love being paid to shop, scroll down for everything you need to know about Go-To’s Lucky Dip Duo EOFY sale, plus our top picks to add to your cart. 

Stock up on all your favourite Go-To goodies. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Go-To Skincare’s EOFY Sale? 

From June 19, 2024, Go-To is treating customers with a mega EOFY sale, offering two free full-sized products as part of their Lucky Dip Duo promotion.

To claim your two full-sized freebies, all you need to do is place an order through Go-To Skincare’s website valued at $65.00 or more and voila! Your new skincare routine is sorted.

Customers will receive a full-sized bonus of two of the following Go-To products: Very Useful Face Cream, Much Plumper Skin, The Repair Shop, The Removalist, Oil Over, and the Gentle Exfoliator.

Each full-sized goodie will be randomly allocated in every order, so you’re guaranteed to get the perfect Go-To surprise (along with super peachy smooth skin). 

Where to buy Go-To Skincare

If you’re ready to treat yourself to your glowiest skin yet, you can shop Go-To Skincare at their official website and in-store at MECCA.

PSA: Go-To’s Lucky Dip Duo EOFY sale is only available through Go-To’s website, so be sure to place your order online to score your bonus!

WHO’s Favourite Products to Shop in the Go-To Skincare EOFY Sale

Go-To Skincare's The Removalist face mask on a peach coloured background.

The Removalist Clay Mask

$48.00 at Go-To Skincare

If you’re on the hunt for a clay mask that soothes irritation and banishes blemishes without stripping your skin, look no further than The Removalist.

Suitable for all skin types, this detoxifying face mask is jam-packed full of soothing minerals and antioxidants, including Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and willow bark extract, to help calm and hydrate irritated skin while also clarifying congestion. 

Go-To Skincare's Morning Essentials Set on a peach coloured background.

Morning Essentials Set

$162.00 (valued at $182.00) at Go-To Skincare

For a complete morning skincare revamp, The Morning Essentials Set is the perfect place to start.

Equipped with Go-To’s fan-favourite Face Hero face oil, this set also features Go-To’s Properly Clean foaming cleanser, Much Brighter Skin Vitamin C serum, and Nifty Fifty hydrating sunscreen for a simple but effective morning skincare routine. 

Go-To Skincare's Shower Party Shower Gel on a peach coloured background.

Shower Party Shower Gel

$19.50 (400mL) at Go-To Skincare

Ready to give the skin on the rest of your body some love? Go-To’s Shower Party is a gentle body wash that nourishes, softens, and soothes the skin. 

Formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and aloe vera,  Shower Party promises a thorough full-body cleanse without the uncomfortable squeaky clean feeling. 

Go-To Skincare's Face Hero face oil on a peach coloured background.

Face Hero Face Oil

$45.00 at Go-To Skincare

With over 5000 five-star reviews, Go-To’s best-selling Face Hero Face Oil is 30mL luxury facial goodness. 

Featuring a blend of 10 potent plant and seed oils, including macadamia, evening primrose, rosehip, and buriti oil, Face Hero is anti-inflammatory and ultra-nourishing for all skin types. 

Face Hero has also been dermatologically tested to be non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin (aka no clogged pores or spontaneous breakouts!) 

Go-To Skincared Pumped Up Skin set on a peach coloured background.

Pumped Up Skin Set

$114.00 (valued at $127.00) at Go-To Skincare

If your skin is in desperate need of hydration, Go-To’s Pumped Up Skin Set is the perfect dehydration-fighting duo.

Featuring Go-To’s Much Plumper Skin hyaluronic acid serum and super moisturising Very Luxe Face Cream, this set promises to combat dehydration while also soothing and repairing the skin’s barrier and fighting transepidermal water loss. 

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