Gigi Hadid gave Taylor Swift an epic signet ring. Can’t afford hers? Check these out

Here's how to get the look.
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Looking for a gift that’s as unique and special as your loved one? Take a cue from Taylor Swift’s latest accessory obsession: a stunning personalised signet ring.

Taylor recently received a custom signet ring from Gigi Hadid.

The band – designed for her pinky finger – featured none other than Taylor’s adored cat, Benjamin Button and it sent fans wild.

Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift

The catch? The prices of the adorable rings from Cece Jewellery range from $5,814 upwards.

But if you can’t afford the hefty price tag of a ring like Taylor’s there is another option. A “starry night” style signet ring from Argent Silversmith.

This exquisite piece, features engraving on the inside and your choice of gemstones or birthstones on the front.

You can personalize it with initials, dates, or meaningful words, making it the perfect way to show someone you care. Imagine gifting a ring that’s tailor-made to reflect the recipient’s personality and special moments!

he Argent Silversmith Starry night signet and Stars aligned signet
The Starry Night Signet Ring. (Credit: Supplied.)

Argent Silver Smith’s signet rings are not only a symbol of elegance and sophistication but also a canvas for your creativity.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, commemorating a special date, or simply wanting to add a unique flair to your jewellery collection, these signet rings have you covered.

Get the look - Taylor Swift's custom signet ring
The Stars Aligned Signet in Gold (Credit: Supplied.)

It’s not just about The Starry Night Signet ring and the Stars Aligned Signet though – Argent Silver Smith offers an amazing range of signet rings for every budget and every style.

The process is simple and fun. Start by selecting your preferred gemstones or birthstones to adorn the front of the ring. Then, decide what meaningful text you want to engrave on the inside. It could be a set of initials, an important date, or even a secret message that only the wearer will know. The result is a piece of jewellery that’s deeply personal and incredibly chic.

What’s more, you can choose from different finishes to suit your style, whether it’s matte gold or a high polish silver finish, the brand’s versatility ensures that the ring not only matches the wearer’s aesthetic but also holds a significant sentimental value.

Get the look - Taylor Swift's custom signet ring
Taylor recently received this exquisite piece (Credit: Supplied)

And let’s not forget the Swift factor. If Taylor Swift’s style approval isn’t enough to convince you, just think of how this ring can add a touch of celebrity sparkle to any outfit. It’s the perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern customization, making it a standout gift for any occasion.

The best part? This luxurious, customizable signet ring starts at an accessible price point, making it a feasible option for those special gifts without breaking the bank. Prices may vary based on the choice of gemstones and finishes, but the quality and craftsmanship remain top-notch. For a sentimental gift that won’t break the bank opt for the Daisy Signet or Round Birthstone Signet (starting from $250), or invest in a dazzling high-end piece featuring diamonds, like this Starry Night Signet in gold or the Stars Aligned Signet ($1700).

Ready to create your own piece of jewellery magic? Check out the Argent Silver Smith’s collection and start customizing today. Your gift will not only shine bright but also carry a story that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Shop Now.

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