The style trend you never thought would last

Athleisure is a thing! And it's here to stay

Launched into the fashion sphere thanks to “it” girls like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin (who as a result have subsequently landed huge endorsement deals with the biggest global sports brands), what started as what we thought would be a fleeting trend, Athleisure has become its own style movement.
bella hadid

Head-to-toe sportswear is now acceptable casual wear that is no longer reserved just for the gym. 

From oversized jumpers to bumbags and ‘high-end’ track pants, the trend has grown exponentially in the last couple of years with celebrities and fashion influencers around the world not only seen wearing but also endorsing and reviving old classics like Nike Air Max’s and Adidas snap pants (Hello Jlo circa 1998!)

Above: *PE Nation founder Pip Edwards.

The trend has become so popular, brands are creating more sports-inspired pieces for us to own as essential wardrobe staples due to the high demand of the trend.

However, it’s not just chain stores like Zara, Supre and Cotton On who have started churning out sports-influenced styles but high- brow designers such as Balenciaga and Vetements have also jumped on the athleisure bandwagon releasing sneakers that look like socks! As Cardi B famously sings “I like those Balenciaga’s, the ones that look like socks.”

Luxe athleisure brands are starting to emerge most recently, WARDOBE NYC, the brainchild of Australian fashion icon and VOGUE editor Christine Centenera and her partner Josh Goot. Their “tightly edited collection of essentials” which includes a capsule series with 8 pieces sold out within weeks and have been worn and endorsed by celebrity friends like Kim Kardashian.

“We envisioned how people, including ourselves, can practically wear the clothes and weave them into their wardrobe in an organic way,” says Centenera giving the idea that you can pair your “ugly dad shoe” with the more dressier pieces in your closet, and that this is no longer fashion faux pas, but completely socially acceptable.

Goot and Centenera are hoping to engage with a new audience that appreciates good design, and a trendy “dad shoe.”

A style concept that once would have been shunned by the high-fashion community, Athleisure is now standing on its own two feet in fashion and it’s not leaving any time soon. Hey, if we can wear our trackies and sneakers to dinner, we’re on-board!

hailey justin baldwin
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