22 Unique And Beautiful 4-Letter Female Names

Here are 22 four-letter names to consider for your next baby girl.
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Parents can get carried away with baby-naming. Just look at the dozens of celebrity kids who are named after cities, inanimate objects, and even directions. Yes, we’re looking at you Kim K and Kanye! And while it’s nice to want your kid to stand out from all the Johns, Marys, and Kyles out there, sometimes, less is more. 

For mums and dads looking to name their baby girls something short and sweet, this list of four-letter girl names is for you!

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Why Choose A Shorter Name?

It’s Easier To Remember

Kids from big families, raise your hands if you’ve ever been called your siblings’ names? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Don’t make the same mistakes as your parents! Giving your baby girl a shorter name will make it much easier for you and everyone else to remember!

It’s Easier To Write

One of the proudest moments in a young parent’s life is seeing their babies learn how to read and write. A shorter name isn’t just easier for you kid in the early stages of her development; it’s also helpful in the long run! Filling out government documents, getting a cuppa at Starbucks, signing into offices – these common, day-to-day tasks can be made easier with 4 letter names.

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It’s A Good Alternative To A Longer First Name

If you’re already fixated on long first names for your baby girl, 4 letter names might be good options for her middle name! Having both a long first name and a short middle name means you can always opt for the short nickname if the long name gets too tiresome!

The Best 4 Letter Female Names

Here are some absolutely lovely 4 letter baby names for girls:

Names that start with A


Pronunciation: Awn-yah
Origin: Irish
Meaning: “Radiance and splendour”
Famous Namesakes: The Irish goddess of summer.


Pronunciation: Aw-leez
Origin: Hungarian
Meaning: “Honest”
Famous Namesakes: As it is the Hungarian form of Alice, namesakes include Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, The Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold, and Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass. 

Names ending in A


Pronunciation: Ta (as in “tart”) – la (as in “lamp”)
Origin: Filipino
Meaning: “Bright star” or “story”
Famous Namesakes: Iranian actress Tala Ashe and the grandmother in Disney’s Moana.

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Pronunciation: Theh-yah
Origin: Greek
Meaning:Goddess”. In Greek mythology, Theia was the titan of sight.
Famous Namesakes: Australian writer Thea Astley and archivist and art historian Thea Exley.

Names that start with E


Pronunciation: Ee-dee
Origin: English
Meaning: “Prosperous in war”.
Famous Namesakes: American actress and model Edie Sedgwick.


Pronunciation: Eh-tah
Origin: English/Scottish
Meaning: Etta is derived from Henrietta, the female version of Henry. Henry comes from Heimrich, which means “ruler of the home”.
Famous Namesakes: The late American jazz, blues, and R&B singer Etta James.

Names that start with F


Pronunciation: It sounds like how you would say “floor”, but with a hard “r”.
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: This Spanish name has a cute meaning –  it literally translates to “flower”!

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Pronunciation: Fah-rah
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: “Happiness”
Famous Namesakes: ‘80s star Farrah Fawcett.

Names that start with I


Pronunciation: Eye-ree
Origin: Jamaican
Meaning: “Cool”, “One who spreads peace”

Names that start with J


Pronunciation: June-no
Origin: Latin
Meaning: In Roman Mythology, Juno is the queen of the gods. She is also known as the goddess of women and fertility.
Famous Namesakes: English actress Juno Temple and the pregnant lead character in the film Juno.

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Pronunciation: Yan-nah
Origin: Czech
Meaning: As the feminine form of Jan – which is the Slavic form of the biblical name John – Jana means “God is gracious”.
Famous Namesakes: Jana is a common name in the Czech Republic, so you’ll find countless athletes there named Jana.

Names that start with K


Pronunciation: Koh-rah
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “Maiden”
Famous Namesakes: Though the spelling is off by one letter, Korra is the main character in the animated series The Legend of Korra.


Pronunciation: Kah-ree
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “Pure”
Famous Namesakes: Kari Byron was a host on the awesome science show Mythbusters.

Names that start with L


Pronunciation: Loo-nah
Origin: Italian
Meaning: “Moon”
Famous Namesakes: Luna Lovegood, the quirky but bright character in the Harry Potter series.

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Names that start with M


Pronunciation: Mah-yah
Origin: Varied
Meaning: Maya has several meanings depending on the country of origin. In Nepali, Maya means “love”, while in the Maori language, Maia means “courage”.
Famous Namesakes: Maya Hawke, the young actress who plays Robin in season three of Stranger Things; poet Maya Angelou.


Pronunciation: Mee-rah
Origin: Latin/Hindu
Meaning: In Spanish, it means “to look”. In the Hindu belief, Mira was a devout acolyte of Krishna.
Famous Namesakes: American actress Mira Sorvino.

Names that start with N


Pronunciation: Nyoo-wah
Origin: Chinese
Meaning: “Mother goddess”

Gender-neutral 4 Letter Names


Pronunciation: Reh-mi
Origin: French
Meaning: Oarsman


Pronunciation: Ah-vis
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “Bird”
Famous Namesakes: In Harry Potter, “Avis” is the name of a spell.

2-Syllable 4 Letter Names


Pronunciation: Teh-va
Origin: Scottish
Meaning: “Twin”


Pronunciation: Zoo-ree
Origin: Swahili
Meaning: “Kind”
Famous Namesakes: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter has a similar-sounding name: Suri.

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