Alex Nation shares details on “really hard” third pregnancy

"It’s okay to fall apart sometimes too.” 
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Mum-to-be Alex Nation has taken to Instagram to share details on her pregnancy with her third child.

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The Bachelor star, who only announced her pregnancy last week revealed to fans that although she was overjoyed and fortunate to be pregnant, she was also finding the pregnancy difficult. 

“When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I was overjoyed,” she shared with fans. 

“I really did feel the total bliss of growing a new tiny life and completing our family.

“I thought this bliss would protect me from any physical and emotional symptoms that could potentially come my way.

“I was wrong.”

Alex Nation
Many fans loved Alex’s vulnerable post. (Credit: Instagram)

Before explaining herself any further, she acknowledged how lucky and privileged she was to be in this situation, telling fans she understood how fortunate she was to be pregnant. 

“Truthfully though, I found the first trimester of this pregnancy really, really hard,” she explained.

“And I want to share this to give some perspective and if there is someone else going through something similar, perhaps they will feel less alone.”

Alex Nation
Alex is expecting bub number three! (Credit: Instagram)

Alex explained that throughout her first semester she dealt with physical symptoms that manifested in emotional ways. 

“I was in the thick of it,” she explained, before detailing her nausea, dizziness and anxiety.

“I’d be crying and vomiting and trying to shoo away all the negative thoughts that would come streaming in to my mind. Self doubt came over to say hi and after weeks of this and the fatigue, HOW DID I FORGET TO MENTION THE FATIGUE.. I became a stranger in my own mind and body.”

“I just felt so.. foreign. Not me.”

Alex Nation
Alex and Carson (Credit: Instagram)

She also detailed how experiencing a wide range of conflicted feelings “simultaneously” led to her feeling “absolutely f*****g overwhelmed.”

However, Alex used her post to reveal that these feelings “weren’t wrong or bad.” 

“It’s okay if you find yourself swallowed up by the not so nice physical and emotional parts of pregnancy. It’s okay if you are struggling to find the energy to relish in it,” she shared to fans who may be experiencing similar feelings. 

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“These feelings don’t make you any less of a mother, it just makes us human,” she continued.

“And a reminder that we don’t always have to have it together, It’s okay to fall apart sometimes too.” 

Alex already has two children, a son Maxwell, who was born in August 2021, whom she shares with partner Carson Jory and Elijah, 11, from a previous relationship. 

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