“I haven’t told Samantha!” Al Perkins enters the Love Island Villa

Will he find what he's looking for?
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Love Island Australia may only be in its first weeks, but it sure is making waves. 

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The reality dating show, which has been pre-recorded in Spain has been full of twists and turns, as well as plenty of drama so far and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon!

Despite some couples cosying up, the dynamic won’t stay calm for long as more ‘bombs’ enter the villa. 

And there’s one intruder we have our eyes on – Married At First Sight’s very own Al Perkins!

Al chatted with WHO before entering the villa, dishing all the dirt on his game strategy, deal breakers and expectations. 

Al Perkins
“I won’t put all my eggs in one basket.” (Credit: Instagram)

As the show continues on its fourth season, many contestants go in with a game plan on how to win. But for Al, there’s no such thing. 

“Nah, no strategy,” he confirms, “I’m just going to go in and play it by ear.”

“When I first walk in I’ll talk to the lads first, sus out who’s with who – who’s in a weak relationship and who is in a strong relationship,” he reveals. 

“And then I’ll pull a couple of girls that catch my eye.” 

But don’t expect Al to settle down right away. “I won’t put all my eggs in one basket,” he tells us, “I’m just going to keep my options open.”

Al Perkins
“I’m just going to keep my options open.” (Credit: Instagram)

Depending on which fans you speak to, everyone has a different opinion on if entering later in the game is a disadvantage or advantage, and it seems Al agrees that it can be intimidating, however, he isn’t too worried.  

“By the second week, people in there have seen each other’s flaws, and that’s when they get on each other’s nerves a little bit,” Al explains to us. 

“So I’ll probably come in at a good time because that’s when relationships will start to break down.” 

Al Perkins
Al rose to fame on Married At First Sight alongside Samantha, (Credit: Nine)

So what is Al looking for in the Love Island Villa? Anyone who smokes is off the table, but if she is handy with a camera that will be a bonus!

“I like a girl who can take a good photo,” he laughs.  “If she can’t take good photos of me it’s a deal breaker…. plus she needs to be a good kisser.” 

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Not everyone was excited about the MAFS star’s new venture, with Al confirming that his parents weren’t too impressed with the news. 

“I told my dad first,” he shared. “He said it would be a bad idea – and I haven’t told him I’m here yet!”

“I really hope they won’t watch,” he continues. “I’ll definitely not tell them when it’s on. I don’t know how I’m going to act on there – it could be embarrassing!”

His Married at First Sight wife, Samantha is also in the dark about his trip to the Villa. 

“I haven’t told Samantha, she’s in the dark about all this.”

“We are on good terms,” he confirms. And although they haven’t spoken “in a while” he reveals that he will definitely give her “a call once the show starts airing.”

Al Perkins
Al became close friends with MAFS co-star Brent. (Credit: Instagram)

Al was loveably labelled the “golden retriever” of the previous MAFS season, thanks to his personality and humour. It’s a label Al loves and he believes fans will still agree with that title even after his Love Island antics. 

“Being referred to as the golden retriever is the best,” he explains. 

“I think they will [still see me as that] because I was just being my true self and I’ll do the exact same thing here on Love Island.” 

“The golden retriever will be in the villa” he laughs.  

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And when Love Island is over, don’t be surprised if Al pops up on another TV show, he confirms to WHO that he would “100%” be on another show if given the opportunity. 

His top choices? The Block, SAS and Survivor. 

“I’d love to go on The Block” explains the qualified carpenter, who reveals that he would pick either MAFS co-star Brent or the partner he walks away from Love Island with to compete on the home-reno show. 

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