Married At First Sight Jules interviews Cam

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They’re the success story of this season of Married At First Sight, having announced their engagement and plans for a wedding later on in the year.

And in a new cute interview with 9Honey, the pair spill even more details about their romance.

Despite the pair being instructed that it would be an interview between the two of them, Jules couldn’t resist playing reporter and asked Cam a few questions of her own!

‘So when did you properly decide you were gonna propose? Was there a specific moment?’ Jules teased.

‘Such a good question you ask, Jules. There wasn’t. We had a week where we stuck by the rules to not see our partners and to not see each other. We didn’t speak, we didn’t talk, but there’s a method to the whole madness,” Cam replied.

‘We came into our final vows and I had the option, I had the feeling that that was certainly an opportunity and something I would love to do. But whether it was right then or whether it was outside the experiment, it was another decision.

‘But it came to me as soon as I saw Jules — you, honey — walk through the garden. As soon as I saw your face, everything just, I swear the sun came out and my whole gut, everything just said, yes, this is it.’

Cam also revealed that his parents were fully onboard with the surprise proposal.

‘They couldn’t have been happier. They honestly couldn’t have been happier,’ he gushed.

‘I asked them and they were so supportive and so in love with Jules that they just felt it was right. And it didn’t matter that it was the experiment and that the whole of Australia had seen it. They just genuinely went, “Yes son, of course we’d love Jules to be our daughter-in-law”, for real, and it went from there.’

And when it came to picking out the engagement ring, Jules joked: ‘The bigger the rock, the bigger the love.’

‘We had actually talked about something like this so it wasn’t a complete surprise,’ added Cam.

‘I did want to make sure that Jules had the right ring and something that suited her, that fitted, ’cause she’s an elegant, stylish lady. I wanna make sure that her ring also did suit her taste. So, I gave her a couple of options to look and what she looked at.

And for those thinking the reality TV couple may be planning a long engagement, think again.

‘We’ve planned [the wedding] a little bit. We know around the date and it’s gonna be this year, which is exciting. The style and feel of wedding, that we’ve thought about for sure,’ spilled Cam, before gushing that since the cameras stopped rolling, the coupe are more in love than ever.

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‘Everything has been exactly the same. Same sort of routine that works. We took all the recipes that worked for our relationship and we haven’t changed a thing and it continues to be bliss.’

And when the subject of babies came up, Cam couldn’t resist teasing Jules about making the move to Sydney’s northern beaches.

‘Cam is bribing me by going, “But if we have family, our family are north, so they’re closer to babysit,”’ Jules laughed.

‘Only because I speak to all my mates who have all got kids, and the first thing they say is, “Yeah, it’s tricky, it’s another world,’ reasoned Cam.

‘But if you can have family close by, it takes so much pressure off and it’s a huge help.” So that was a big one. Jules’ family is in Avalon, mine is in Dee Why. To get a little bit closer to, over that north side, would be extremely healthy for our family.’

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