Five ways you can bring your hair back to the 80s

Go old-school with these classic 80s hairstyles.
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Recently, the fashion hits of the 1980s are starting to make a comeback, especially when it comes to livening up your hair! Grab your legwarmers and braided extensions: we’re diving into the greatest 1980s hairstyles.

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Which trends defined the hair of the 80s?


We can’t talk about 80s fashion and hair without talking about the colours. You have your usual reds, blondes, platinum mixes, but the emerging glam rock movement wanted to elevate that palette. Pinks, greens, purples, contrasting colours and wild patterns became a trademark of 80’s rock hair.

Lady in 80s workout gear next to boombox
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In the 80s, ponytails were all the rage. People used hairbands, headbands, and scrunchies a lot for an assortment of 80s hairstyles. We rarely saw big stars like Madonna without a hair accessory or two, and most young women sported them either for work or just for fun. 

80s Hair Bands

The 1980s are often hailed as the golden age of pop music and for good reason! Although looking back on it, the musical fashion of the time was a lot. The glam metal rock movement was especially known for its emphasis on eccentric, crazy, quintessentially 80s big hair. The men who wore these hairstyles were often seen as weak and effeminate by the older generation, but the ladies loved it! 

Photo of 1970 Motley Crue
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Five Popular Hairstyles of the 80s

5. The perm

In the 80s, curly hair was totally in style! People couldn’t get enough; they would perm, tease, and spray endlessly just to get that extra bounce. 80s crimped hair was a huge fashion statement worn by women both young and old; often getting treatments that would help their hair stay that way for months at a time.

Celebrities that rocked it:

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
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Meg Ryan

Actor Meg Ryan starring in 'Prelude to a Kiss'
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4. The mullet

Ahh 80s prom hair, good memories. Girls would spend hours in the mirror fashioning complex hairstyles trying to look absolutely perfect. And how did the guys repay them for their hard work and careful preparation? By sporting the infamous mullet! And it seems like this style might be on its way back in: check out the likes of any Australian football team in 2021!

Celebrities that rocked it:

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson in a promotional shoot for Lethal Weapon
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Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze starring in 'Point Break'
(Credit: Getty)

3. Mohawks and liberty spikes

The punk movement defined itself by going against the grain of music and fashion with the crazy hairstyles like the mohawk and liberty spikes. The idea was simple: shaved sides and one big stripe of hair right in the centre. It really drove home the “rage against the convention” attitude of the punks.

Celebrities that rocked it:

Mr T (though it’s technically a Mandinka, an African hairstyle)

Mr T flexible his bicep
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Annabella Lwin

Anabella Lwin from 'Bow Wow Wow' punk pop group
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2. Jheri curls

Invented by hairdresser Jheri Redding, the Jheri curl found a lot of its wearers in the African-American community. A relatively low-maintenance perm, it proved to be a very popular “wash and wear” hairstyle that was softer than crimping, but less glossy than gelled hair.

Celebrities that rocked it:

Michael Jackson

American Pop star Michael Jackon at the opening of the stage musical, 'Dream Girls'
(Credit: Getty)

Ice Cube

Ice Cube on stage during the 'Straight Outta Compton' tour
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1. Feathering/flicks

Straight hair was rare in the 1980s since there was almost no way to put any volume on it. Feathering, which became popular in the 70s, worked for those who wanted to keep their hair bouncy and crimp-free; the curled and layered tips made adding volume possible while not being so heavy on hair like perms were.

Celebrities that rocked it:

Farrah Fawcett

Actor Farrah Fawcett sitting in a grassy field
(Credit: Getty)

Jane Fonda

A black and white portrait of PT legend, Jane Fonda
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