WATCH: Two steamy Bachelor In Paradise hook ups confirmed!

Things are heating up.
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The Bachelors and Bachelorettes are stripping down as the weather – and romance – heats up in paradise.

Seabreeze, sunshine, skimpy swimmers and steamy make-out sessions are all on the cards as two new teasers drop for Bachelor In Paradise, revealing the show’s first possible couples.

WATCH: Bachelor In Paradise steamy new trailer teases Timm and Britt’s hook up

These unlucky-in-love singles waste no time trying to find their perfect match.

Surfer Boy Timm Hanly, best known as the runner up of Angie Kent’s season, is over the moon when the “hot” Brittany Hockley, of Honey Badger Nick Cummin’s season, arrives.

Having learnt exactly “how not to Bachelor,” from her first time on the show, Brittany now knows what she’s looking for. And quirky, goofy Timm isn’t quite her usual type.

“Never ever have I dated anyone like him,” Brittany says in the teaser.

Timm Hanly
Timm isn’t Brittany’s type. (Credit: Instagram)

But it appears this could be a case of opposites attract.

“He took me by surprise, there’s something about him I want to know more,” Brittany goes on to say.

Cut to a steamy date where the couple are sharing a bubble bath, complete with passionate kiss as Timm says: “I might be in trouble.”

Is it getting hot in here?

Britt and Timm
The chemistry is strong between Timm and Britt. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Timm and Britanny aren’t the only couple locking lips in paradise of course.

Abbie Chatfield, from Matt Agnew’s season, has made her intention to win over Ciarran Sott.

“I came here for Ciarran, he’s hot and such a naughty boy,” she says. “He’s mine and I’m going to get him.”

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And Abbie gets what she wants.

In a romantic waterfall picnic, it takes just one raised eyebrow from Abbie for Ciarran to make his move with a steamy pash.

We’ve already seen from the show’s first teaser that Ciarran finds himself at the heart of HUGE drama while in Paradise – so are these two fated to fail?

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