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In the world of comedy, Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford are renowned for their impeccable timing and uproarious performances. Yet, beyond the stage lights and punchlines, there lies a heartwarming and inspiring narrative of love, partnership, and the joyful chaos of parenthood. 

Whilst fans have gotten used to seeing the two comedians on screen, during their appearances on various shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention and Thank God You’re Here, we’re exploring the endearing relationship between Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford as a couple, as well as the joyous chapter they’ve embarked upon with the arrival of their little one. 

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Are Lloyd Langford and Anne Edmonds married?

No, Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford are not married, but they have been in a relationship for around five years. 

“We’ve only been together for two years,” Anne told The Age in 2021. “But after the lockdowns in Melbourne, it feels as though we’re about to celebrate our golden anniversary. It’s like we’ve compacted 20 years into four months.”

During the pandemic, the pair developed their live show, Business With Pleasure, an on-stage dissection of their relationship.

During their interview with the Aussie publication, the pair acknowledged the potential pitfalls of dating another comedian. 

“There’s nothing worse than a comedian who refuses to switch off,” Lloyd explained.

“I was worried we’d end up talking about nothing but comedy but fortunately, that hasn’t happened,” Anne added. “The advantage of having a partner in the industry is that they understand what it’s like to go away for three weeks on tour and leave the other person behind.”

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Did Anne Edmonds have a baby?

Anne and Lloyd welcomed their first child together in October 2021. 

“My partner, Lloyd Langford and I were placed under house arrest in a badly serviced apartment while on tour in Sydney during one of the snap lockdowns. Nine months later, Gwen arrived: born on the day the second Victorian lockdown ended,” Anne shared in a piece for Sydney Morning Herald. 

The Aussie comedian has also shared an intimate look at her experience as a “late-in-life-mother.”  

Giving birth to her daughter at 43, Anne revealed that she initially feared her career would suffer if she pursued motherhood.

“But when I look at Gwen and wonder if there was ever a question of choosing a career over her running up the hallway to fling a toy rabbit at the front door and fall on the ground laughing, it brings more tears to my eyes. It’s a shame we still feel like we must choose.”

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These days, the happy family give fans a glimpse into their life on social media, with Anne consistently posting to Instagram. 

From taking Gwen to visit Lloyd’s family in Wales, to Father’s Day tributes and fun family outings, it’s safe to say we love seeing the behind-the-scenes look into the comedian’s family life. 

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