Matty J and Laura Byrne’s love story has led to the cutest parenting moments

“Becoming a Dad was better than I ever could have imagined."
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Matty J and Laura Byrne are one of Australia’s favourite Bachelor-born couples since they fell in love on season five of The Bachelor Australia in 2017.

Since then, the pair have gotten married and had two beautiful daughters together, Marlie-Mae and Lola.

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The pair share a beautiful story and are so beloved across the country for their down-to-earth nature, which comes across in media interviews, but also on their social media.

As well as making their fans and followers laugh with their hilarious dancing and constant ribbing of each other, they also seem to make two amazing parents.

We’ve collected some of the cutest moments of the pair with their two girls, as well as the love story we’ve loved to follow.

Laura often jokes about ‘winning’ Matt on national television. (Credit: Ten/Instagram)

The events that kicked off their season of The Bachelor began the year before, when the 2016 Bachelorette, Georgia Love, rejected Matty J in her own finale.

He was made Bachie for the following year, while Laura saw a TV ad with Osher, who was inviting people who were looking for love to apply.

“I had actually just come out of a really, really shitty relationship,” Laura told the Shameless podcast in 2019.

“At that point in my life, I was 30, so I was really hoping that was going to be my big relationship, and I felt like I put a lot of energy and effort into it, and I was just a bit exhausted afterwards.”

Matty J and Marlie Mae. (Credit: Instagram)

Her housemates helped her apply for the show, and she got the call some months later. However, she had never watched the show when she went in to film.

Changing her mind back and forth constantly, Laura had even told a producer she no longer wanted to do the show when she had a dream that encouraged her to change her mind.

“I woke up at 4am, and I called my sister and I said: ‘you need to get the eff over here and help me pack” she told Shameless.

Laura nearly skipped out on the Bachelor, but had a dream the night before she was due to leave to film that she had to do it. (Credit: Instagram)

Although Laura went in sceptical, she left very much in love with Matt.

However, not everyone was on board with them straightaway, with the public taking to runners-up Elise Stacy and Tara Pavlovic.

“We got a lot of challenges, especially when Tara went home, we got some death threats sent to us, we got a lot of awful messages on Instagram … I remember thinking ‘how on earth can our relationship survive this?’” Laura said.

Laura with Marlie and an unborn Lola. (Credit: Instagram)

“I think that’s just a testament, if you’re a real couple and you really love each other, you can get through those first three months of how volatile the public’s opinion is, people will come around,” she explained.

The two would go on to face more challenges, with Laura suffering a miscarriage in 2018 when she was 10 weeks pregnant.

“Pregnancy after miscarriage is weird and crazy and wonderful. It brings with it all the joy, but also a niggling anxiety that something might go wrong and the painful reality that it could,” she wrote for Kidspot after falling pregnant with her first daughter, Marlie Mae, just weeks after her miscarriage.

Laura suffered two miscarriages – one before, and one after having Marlie. (Credit: Instagram)

Although the pair had not made plans to marry before becoming parents, they did squeeze in a quick engagement before the birth of their first daughter.

However, Laura revealed this year that she never heard Matt say those four magic words.

“Matt, to this day, has never actually proposed to me, I don’t even know 100 per cent if we’re engaged,” she joked on her podcast, Life Uncut, which she co-hosts with Brittany Hockley.

“Matt has never asked me to marry him, he never said ‘Will you marry me?’”

Laura with little Lola. (Credit: Instagram)

Marlie Mae was born in June of 2019.

“Still letting the last 24hrs sink in… they’ve been the most rewarding, loving and emotional I’ve ever experienced,” Matt wrote on Instagram.

Becoming a Dad was better than I ever could have imagined. ❤️”

“I feel very, very passionately that miscarriage is a conversation that needs to be had in an open forum,” Laura said. (Credit: Instagram)

Sadly, Laura suffered a second miscarriage in between the birth of Marlie Mae and their second daughter, Lola.

“Just two months ago, Matt and I went through our second miscarriage and that still feels raw and very bizarre to even say out loud,” she said on her podcast, Life Uncut, which she co-hosts with Brittany Hockley.

“It’s not something I’ve really spoken about, not something that I’ve talked to many people about, but I feel very, very passionately that miscarriage is a conversation that needs to be had in an open forum.”

Laura and Matty with their little ones. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite their family heartache, they would go on to be blessed with their second daughter, Lola, in February 2021.

The couple were convinced they’d have a boy, so were very surprised when Lola arrived.

“I said I would eat my own poop if you were a girl, and yet HERE YOU ARE! Already teaching me the worldly life lessons that come with being a mama,” Laura wrote on Instagram in Lola’s birth announcement.

Matty J with two of his ‘beautiful and rambunctious girls’. (Credit: Instagram)

“Lola Ellis Johnson, you had us all fooled!” Matt wrote in his own announcement.

“Nana, the neighbour and even the postman thought you were going to be a boy. Playing pranks on us all already… I love it!” he said.

“I also love that I’m now well and truly outnumbered by 3 beautiful and rambunctious girls at home. Welcome to the family. ❤️”

Their little family of four is currently weathering lockdown together. (Credit: Instagram)

Matt and Laura kept fans up-to-date with their daily life during the Sydney lockdown, with the two girls and their dog, Buster. However, they were absolute champs at keeping both their daughters and their fans entertained.

And while life in lockdown is never easy, Matty shared a hilarious update with his fans about his youngest daughter and how quickly she is growing.

“8 months old and you’re about to outgrow your sister!” he wrote on his Instagram stories, sharing a snap of his two girls side by side with a hulking emoji.

marlie mae and lola on matty j's instagram story
Matty J shares a hilarious update. (Credit: Instagram)

It’s just one of the many light-hearted ways this sweet couple keep us posted on their family of four.

The parents of two have been open about their delayed wedding – following a sweet proposal in Fiji in 2019, the couple were planning on a 2020 wedding but COVID got in the way. 

Laura then took to Instagram in 2021 to share that they had also planned to get married on November 12th yet COVID had once again put a stop to their plans. 

But in November 2022, after some fun bachelor and bachelorette parties, the couple tied the knot during a beautiful ceremony on the South Coast. 

Matty J and Laura kids
(Credit: Instagram)

In 2023 the happy couple spoke with Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast, sharing insight into how they share the responsibilities of caring for their two children. 

“Matt is the primary carer,” Laura shared. “As soon as DWTS finished, that’s when he really picked up all the pieces at home. He does the daycare drop-offs, he does the pickups, he does the dinners; he does all of that because my career has continued to grow.”

“There’s definitely been periods where [parenting] it’s fallen on me,” she continued. “And there’s definitely been periods where it’s fallen on Matt. And at the moment in our parenting arrangement, it falls on Matt.”

“I wish there were more dads like Matt in the world because if there were, it would be a better place. And I’m proud – I’m so proud of that.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for these two!

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