Forget teeth whitening kits, MAFS’ Jessika Power is now promoting sex toys

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Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power is known for her controversial carryon, but the reality TV star took things to new heights in a sexual way when she began promoting sex toys on social media. 

Taking to Instagram last night, the outspoken blonde told her 215, 000 followers that they should definitely invest in a new vibrator— which she dubs as “the perfect little toy”. 

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“Attention ladies, I’ve teamed up with Vush Official to try and help women feel empowered by their sexuality and bring awareness that despite society stigma it’s okay to want to look and feel sexy,” the aspiring Instagram influencer wrote alongside a photo showing Jessika holding the pink pocket rocket. 

She continued: “There’s no shame in self-love and I’m a massive fan of self-care 🙌🏻💁🏼‍♀️ I’m not ashamed to promote this openly with you all as I want ALL my ladies out there to feel confident in themselves and what they want to do with THEIR bodies.” 


She shared more of her thoughts on her Instagram story, admitting she was initially hesitant to promote the product, however, feels women should feel “sexy and confident” about their sexual desires. 

“I was nervous to share this with you guys but we’re all women and everyone has something like this in their drawer. I feel sexy and confident about it,” said Jess who suffered an ill-fated marriage to Queensland farmer Mick Gould on the Channel Nine social experiment. “It is something I would buy and I think you ladies would enjoy it.” 


This isn’t the first time the 27-year-old has talked about X rated topics on her platform. Last month, Jess opened up about her myriad of sex toys while sitting on the couch with her auntie. 

“I’m very comfortable with the topic but you may not be and that’s ok!!” she captioned the first video.

In the next clip, Jessika’s aunt is heard off-camera: “I’ve had to pick it [a vibrator] up and put it in your drawer.”

Jessika replied: “Look, we’re all women… You’ve had to pick it up once.”

To which her aunt hit back: “More than once, Jessika! More than once!”

Laughing, Jessika retorted: “We’re all women, we’re all adults… I don’t know what you’re mortified for!”

The women were then seen sitting on a couch together, with Jessika goading her aunt saying: “You were just saying, all you need is a $20 vibrator… Why are you getting all shy now!”

Outraged, her aunt replied: “I wasn’t talking about that I was talking about carrots!”
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