Kardashian family starts app to sell their used clothes – but wait until you see the prices

“They really want every single dollar they can get.”
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The enterprising Kardashian family have found a new way to make money by launching Kardashian Kloset, where they’re selling their used clothes for a shocking profit.

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Visiting the site, fans and users can click on the family member they most want to dress like to see a collection of items up for grabs. But barely any cost less than a few hundred dollars.

Currently, there is a live listing for a Raf Simons hoodie, selling for $595, which has been discounted from $795.

A Martine Rose sweater retails for $995, and Rick Owens sunglasses will set you back $450.

But those who can fork out the cash have openly slammed the quality of the items – questioning the ‘good condition’ listed on most of the ads.

(Credit: Instagram)

Carlo, a Los Angeles influencer recently unboxed his Kardashian Kloset purchase on TikTok, finding it to be different to what was advertised.

He bought a white top supposedly owned by Kim, which he tried on in the video.

“It’s completely sheer, which I did not know until now. That was not on the website,” he revealed to the audience.

“My review is that this is a terrible shirt,” he went on.

“This is an awful, terrible, low-quality shirt, but it was the cheapest thing on the website.”

He bought the used garment for $65, which is comparably affordable to the rest of the clothes listed.

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While Carlo was lucky to locate an item for under $100, anyone would be shocked to see the cost of some of the accessories up for grabs, especially among Kim’s handbag collection.

There are three Hermès bags listed, the cheapest costing $29,995.

Two others, listed as ‘rare’, retail for a nauseating $90,995 and $109,995.

The clothes are selling for unbelievable prices. (Credit: Kardashian Kloset)

Beyond this, some fans have expressed disappointment that the profits don’t seem to be donated anywhere but pocketed by the mega-rich family, who are likely gifted most of the items.

“Why not donate them to Dress for Success or another charity?” one Reddit user proposed.

“I know most is barely used but they definitely don’t need the money, and you know they’re just paying people to sell it for them … such a strange concept to me,” another added.

“They really want every single dollar they can get and it’s mind-blowingly gross,” wrote a third.

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