Kyly Clarke shares the secret behind her cheese grater abs

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When most celebrities post bikini pics they slap on a thousand filters and make sure the lighting is juuuuuuuust right. Not Kyly Clarke. The mum-of-one is ridiculously ripped, no airbrushing required.

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However, that’s not to say her beach-ready body comes easily. The 38-year-old swears by nutritious, low-calorie foods to fuel her daily sweat sessions. 

Speaking with Mamamia, the lifestyle blogger revealed that she likes to kick off her day with a “healthy shake” before moving onto a substantial lunch.

“My go-to lunch is tuna, avocado and beetroot lettuce cups,” she said. “I love them. Quick and easy and healthy. Add some chilli flakes, salt and pepper for taste.”

Pwoar! Kyly (pictured) is in the best shape of her life. (Credit: Instagram)

For dinner, Kyly makes an effort to focus on loading up on protein. 

“I love making honey and soy lean breast chicken in a salad full of goodness like chickpeas, quinoa, corn, tomato, onion, feta and pine nuts,” she added.

Earlier this year, she shared a snap of one of her go-to meals on Instagram Stories – an omelette, seven small falafel balls, hummus and broccoli.

“Clean eating,” she captioned it.

Yumo! Kyly’s day on a plate sounds equal parts healthy and delicious. (Credit: Instagram)

But watching her diet isn’t the only way Kyly stay so fit. She recently told the Daily Telegraph that she “loves going to the gym” and enjoys Muay Thai and barre classes. 

“I train every day and I mix it up and love it,” she said. “It is really good for your mind and a great way to stay healthy.”

So strong! Kyly (pictured) is a fitness fanatic. (Credit: Instagram)

Lately, Kyly has been enjoying a whirlwind romance with supercar driver James Courtney, with the 40-year-old frequently posting photos of his girlfriend – and her phenomenal figure – to Instagram.

Just yesterday he took to the platform to share a snap of their getaway to the NSW North Coast, Kyly’s six pack abs front and centre. 

“Yep…. that’s @kylyclarke walking on water. 😳🤣” he captioned the image.

Tons of the athlete’s followers weighed in on the post, with a few suggesting he was “punching” above his weight.

“J E S U S 😂😂” one wrote. “Rig,” added another. 

“Did someone say the borders open 🤣😜 🏃‍♀️,” Kyly replied.

Kyly’s new boyfriend James is impressed by her physique. (Credit: Instagram)

Kyly and James struck up a relationship following Kyly’s high-profile split from her cricket legend husband Michael Clarke.

In November 2018 Michael was snapped hanging out on a $16 million superyacht with his bikini-clad former personal assistant Sasha Armstrong.

By the end of 2019, rumours were rife that the Clarkes’ marriage was on the rocks, with the pair formally announcing their split in February 2020.

Kyly and Michael (pictured) in happier times. (Credit: Getty)

“After living apart for some time, we have made the difficult decision to ­separate as a couple, amicably,” Michael and Kyly said in a statement.

“With the greatest of respect for each other, we’ve come to the ­mutual conclusion that this is the best course for us to take while committed to the co-parenting of our daughter.”

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