EXCLUSIVE: Locky Gilbert shares his proposal plans

"I will do something crazy to pop the question."
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They’ve made it clear that marriage is definitely on the cards, but now The Bachelor‘s Locky Gilbert has revealed how he plans to propose to girlfriend, Irena Srbinovska.

WATCH BELOW: Locky Gilbert delivers his Christmas present to girlfriend Irena Srbinovska by skydiving

Speaking exclusively to Who, the 31-year-old adventure travel guide, who met Irena whilst filming the hit reality dating show, says he has “crazy” plans for when he pops the question.

“We have definitely spoken about our future plans of marriage, it’s on the cards but for now we are happy with our plans of travelling around Australia,” Locky says.

“But when does happen I’m sure I will do something crazy to pop the question.”

Perhaps another skydive will be on the cards…

When he does propose, Locky says he’ll do “something crazy.” (Credit: Instagram)

Locky and Irena’s love story wasn’t your typical romance, seeing as it kicked off in the midst of a global pandemic.

Shortly after their Bachelor journey came to an end, the couple made the move to Locky’s hometown of Perth but had to undergo two weeks of mandatory hotel quarantine.

“Worst part of hotel quarantine was not being able to physically leave your room, like you are so close yet so far!” Locky says.

“The best part was the fact that Irena and I got time to ourselves without any distractions for two weeks.”

Though Irena, who originally hails from Melbourne, admitted to being homesick especially when her father was briefly hospitalised, Locky says that she is “absolutely loving” being in WA.

“It’s been so good getting back to Western Australia and showing Irena around my hometown, she is absolutely loving Perth and what she has seen of Western Australia so far.”

Locky has loved introducing Irena to his hometown. (Credit: Supplied)

Since Irena will be away from her Victorian loved ones this year, Locky says that he has big plans for his first Christmas with Irena.

“We are going to have a big family Christmas with all of my family here in WA,” he reveals.

“After a turbulent 12 months, it’s important to get together and show friends and family that you really care with radical act of thoughtfulness, this year.”

To make things even more special, Locky has partnered up with Vistaprint Australia to make a personalised gift for Irena to commemorate their “unexpected and unprecedented” year together.

“This year, I’ve made a bespoke calendar for Irena with a photo of Irena and I on every month,” he shares.

“And of course, in total Locky fashion I had to deliver it in a crazy way, like jumping out of plane to hand it to her!”

To check out the numerous products within their Christmas range that you can personalise for anyone special in your life, check out the link here.

For their first Christmas together, Locky gifted Irena a bespoke calendar with a photo of them on every month. (Credit: Supplied)

It’s been nine months since Irena and Locky began their Bachelor journey and the 2020 winner shared a heartfelt throwback post to commemorate it.

“I still remember how nervous I was stepping out of the limo to meet the Bachelor for the first time but all my nerves instantly faded the moment he held my hands,” Irena captioned a photo of her and Locky’s first meeting.

“I have walked away from this experience with the man of my dreams and also the most incredible friendships.

She added: “I am so grateful to have taken that leap of faith and followed my heart.”

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