Locky snapped kissing his Bachelor ex

But Irena was totally fine with it!
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Laura Calleri was one of the breakout stars of this year’s season of The Bachelor…and now she’s shared a picture of Locky Gilbert kissing her. But before you jump to conclusions, it’s not what you think.

WATCH BELOW: Bachelor Locky meets Laura 

Perth-based reality star Laura had a Bachelor reunion with Locky and his girlfriend Irena Srbinovska who won the season.

In the snaps, Locky plants a kiss on Laura’s head as she smiles for the camera whilst Irena laughs in the background, hugging Laura from behind.

“’Sorry Irena, can I just grab Locky for a chat?’” Laura hilariously captioned her photos.

“Sorry Irena, can I just grab Locky for a chat?” (Credit: Instagram)
No hard feelings here! (Credit: Instagram)

The post was well-received by many, including several Bachelor stars.

Aww I love this & we love you Laura,” Irena sweetly commented.

“Cuties,” season eight contestant and beauty queen Gemma White penned, alongside two crying with laughter emojis.

“Screaming,” joked season seven runner-up, Abbie Chatfield.

Laura has revealed that her mental health hit a low point after the show. (Credit: Instagram)

Since her time on the show, Laura hasn’t been as active on social media and confessed that the positive comments on her snaps with Locky and Irena have helped her mental wellbeing.

“Tbh. About to let you in on a lil something,” a typed message on her Instagram Stories read.

“Haven’t been overly active on socials since the show aired as my anxiety is the worst it’s ever been. The love on my latest pic reminded me that this can still be a somewhat safe space. So thank you.”

She added: “I want to do something a bit more tho. Like anxiety advice with my sass on the side? I dunno. Thoughts/feelings/opinions?”

Laura revealed that once she got to know Locky, they didn’t have much in common. (Credit: Ten)

Laura was almost instantly branded as “the Louis Vuitton girl” on the show, after she shared her expensive designer tastes with Bachelor Locky Gilbert and revealed that that the craziest. most expensive gift she’d been given was a Louis Vuitton handbag.  

“I don’t really think I was edited to be honest – it was pretty much just me and that’s how I am. I understand that I’m not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s the great thing about shows like this,” the 25-year-old told Who shortly after her elimination.

She also admitted that looking back at her time in the mansion, she and Locky weren’t meant to be.

“I think obviously visually, there’s no denying that he’s a very attractive guy, but I think as we delved a little bit deeper and spoke about what we liked and a little bit about ourselves, I don’t really think we were quite aligned in that sense.”

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