MAFS’ Bryce claims an intruder couple lied about having sex

And you may be surprised who...
MAFS Bryce
MAFS's couple Bryce and Melissa appeared on Kyle & Jackie O show this morning and made an alarming reveal.
Channel Nine.

This year’s Married At First Sight has given us a lot of drama—like, a lot. From an unfriendly dose of biphobia when a contestant was forced to come out as bisexual, to one pairing’s uncomfortable allusions to a toxic and abusive relationship and how it reminded us of past toxic couples on TV, MAFS has continued to surprise and shock us.

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Now, contestant Bryce Ruthven, who we only just found out was a secret actor and MTV presenter, has come forward claiming that one of the couples on the show isn’t being so truthful to the Australian public.

Reality TV not reflecting reality? Honestly, who could’ve seen that one coming…

MAFS Bryce
MAFS’s couple Bryce and Melissa appeared on Kyle & Jackie O show this morning and made an alarming reveal. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

On Wednesday morning, Bryce, 31 and his on-screen partner, Melissa Rawson, 31, went on the Kyle & Jackie O Show, and revealed an artillery of big bombshells about the show.

The one that’s leading us down a MAFS-induced rabbit hole and investigation? That one of this season’s intruder couples allegedly lied about having sex on the show.

“There’s a few people on the show who’ve said they’ve slept together but then they didn’t,” Bryce revealed. 

“That’s a question for one of the intruder couples, isn’t it,” he added after Jackie O asked why someone would lie about that. “And it’s not our mates, Johnny and Kerri.”

MAFS Liam Georgia
Apparently, there’s a rumour going around that Liam and Georgia lied about having sex while filming Married At First Sight. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

Then, when Kyle and Jackie O suggest it might be Liam Cooper and Georgia Fairweather, Bryce goes silent.   

“You reckon there’s been no sex there, at all?” the hosts ask to clarify.

“That’s the rumour that’s going around,” said Melissa. “It’s a very strong rumour that we’ve been told by multiple people on the show,” added Bryce.

Liam and Georgia have yet to comment on the rumour.

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