Michael and Martha reveals MAFS’ important relationship lesson

The former reality TV couple are still together and strong.
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This season’s Married At First Sight has been confronting at best. From Georgia laughing at her on-screen groom Liam’s bisexuality to the show enabling and exhibiting gaslighting behaviour.

And now, former MAFS bride and groom turned off-air romantics Martha Kalifatidis, 34, and Michael Brunelli, 29, have commented on it and whether the “real” in reality TV concept rings true. 

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Over the weekend, the MAFS couple – and one of the lucky few who found love on the show – spoke to Body and Soul about what people can learn about reality TV romance, and just how true they believe Married At First Sight is.

MAFS Michael Martha
MAFS couple Michael and Martha believe that the show is educating people on the dos and don’ts of relationships. (Credit: Instagram.)

“In terms of educating people when it comes to relationships, and what can be unhealthy in relationships, the show is fantastic at doing that,” Martha told the publication.

“[Married At First Sight] depicts real life in the sense that it opens the door and puts a microscope on to the positives and negatives of relationships,” Michael added.

“Gaslighting is horrible and we’ve seen first-hand what it does. I hope that there is a woman or a man, anyone sitting at home watching that, thinking, ‘I can actually relate to this.’ And it’s opening their eyes to see that maybe they’re being manipulated, maybe they can take a step back and see their relationship for what it really is and be able to learn from it.”

MAFS Michael Martha
Michael and Martha moved in together last year. (Credit: Instagram.)

Martha and Michael first met when they exchanged wedding vows on Married At First Sight in 2019. While they admitted at the time that it was love at first sight, Australians around the country got to watch the adorable couple as Martha gave Michael a total makeover and they fell – hard. 

And, two years after being on the show the couple is still going strong! Back at their Final Vows, Michael promised Martha he’d move from Melbourne to Sydney to be with her, and early last year, the pair moved into an apartment in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

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