Married At First Sight fans go wild for Alana taking down Bryce and Jason

"I'm sick of seeing girls get treated like s***."
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Alana Lister hasn’t been one of this year’s biggest Married At First Sight characters, but after she called out controversial co-star Bryce Ruthven and her husband Jason Engler for defending him, fans are cheering for the TV bride.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Alana calls out Bryce and Jason

At Sunday night’s Commitment Ceremony, Alana explained that she’d called out Bryce for saying he’d be single by New Year’s Eve and that though she felt bad that Jason got involved, as he was the one who told her what Bryce had said, she had no regrets about saying something.

“I care about Liss, Liss deserves better and she deserves to know the truth,” Alana stated.

“It’s unfortunate Jason was involved – I tried not to bring Jason’s name into it – but I’m sick of seeing girls get treated like s***. It’s easy to let people do the wrong thing to other people and it shouldn’t be the right thing to do but Liss deserved to know that information.”

When Bryce hit back that his New Year’s Eve statement wasn’t true, Alana clapped back saying: “By the way Bryce, I will deal with you at another stage.”

“It’s unfortunate Jason was involved – I tried not to bring Jason’s name into it – but I’m sick of seeing girls get treated like s***.” (Credit: Nine)

After Alana’s impassioned statement and Jason’s refusal to support his wife, fans flocked to Twitter to cheer on Alana.

“I have so much respect for Alana, she’s doing the right thing. Just because your partner is friends with someone awful doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call them out,” one person mused.

“Alana didn’t throw Jason under the bus. She called him to account. And any time they have a difference of opinion, he shuts her down because he he’s incapable of mature debate,” remarked another.


This isn’t the first time fans have shared their support for Alana on social media.

After she and Jason found themselves in a half-joking, half-serious argument when Jason dubbed his wife’s vibrator “the enemy”MAFS fans couldn’t help but cringe at the fact Jason was intimidated by a sex toy.

“Still trying to figure out why Alana packed Jason but left the vibrator at home. The opposite clearly would have worked better,” feminist writer Celeste Liddle wrote.

“Alana and her vibrator are probably the best couple of the season,” another fan penned.

Fans have been loving Alana over the last few weeks on MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

Despite the conflicts, it seems like Alana and Jason are still together now that filming has wrapped.

Jason spilled to 9 Entertainment that there’s “a lot more” to his and Alana’s relationship than just sex and in a chat with the Hit Network’s Bec, Cosi & Lehmo in February, Alana basically confirmed that they were still an item.

“I think we’re going pretty good,” she told the radio trio.

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