MAFS’ Booka Nile’s latest look has sent fans wild

"Name a better pair of slippers, I’ll wait…"
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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Booka Nile is a style icon. But the former Married At First Sight bride’s latest look, more specifically her new slippers, have fans cheering.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Booka teases song she wrote with ex-husband Brett

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday evening, the heavy metal musician shared a trio of photos of herself, and our eyes went straight to her feet.

In two of the snaps, Booka is wearing slippers designed to look like ibises, yes, bin chickens.

“I bin chicken you out,” she captioned the post.

“Thanks again @greylinesau for blessing my toes with such eye candy ❤️🗑🐓 Side note-If anyone is after some lint, I’m currently flush and happy to share my spoils.”

“I bin chicken you out.” (Credit: Instagram)

Booka’s fans and followers frothed over her new footwear in the comments.

“Fashun 👏😂,” one stated.

“Name a better pair of slippers, I’ll wait…,” penned another.

“The shoes = big vibe,” a third wrote.

In even better news, you can buy your own pair of bin chicken slippers for just $59.95 at Grey Lines!

We need those slippers! (Credit: Instagram)

Aside from being a fashionista, musician and mental health worker, Booka was known for being married to Brett Helling on the reality dating show’s eighth season that aired earlier this year.

Though the two hit things off at the beginning, things soured when it came out that Brett had called her self-involved to a fellow contestant behind their back.

In a previous chat with WHOBooka admitted that she was “so hurt” by her TV husband’s actions.

“Brett totally betrayed me. You expect your partner to have your back. If I’ve got a problem, I try and confront it with somebody and work it out with them. But apparently there was this huge list of things that was wrong with me that he never raised with me,” she said.

However, when the couple left the experiment, there were no hard feelings and musician Booka was forced to deny that her band Internet Friends’ song entitled Beam me up soft/f***boi was about her ex.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Booka Niles’ song Beam me up soft/f***boi. Post continues after video…

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“It was not about Brett, that song was about my newfound excitement about this Instagram called @beam_me_up_softboi. I’m really into it, the messages on there are hilarious and they have over half a million followers,” she revealed on the Life Uncut podcast.

Booka added that her song Faked It that features the lyrics: “Do that thing you do when you lie right to my face cause I lied too all those times I faked it,” wasn’t about her TV ex-husband either. 

“I’ve had to contact Brett about soft boi songs. I’ve had to pre-warn him that people might think this next one’s about him. I don’t want people do be like ‘Ha ha Brett sucks in bed.’ People are going to assume my stuff’s about Brett, definitely,” she shared.

Booka and Brett on their MAFS wedding day. (Credit: Nine)

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