Inside Martha Kalifatidis’ bond with her mum Mary

One of this year's Big Brother housemates has already had a taste of reality TV.
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Martha Kalifatidis may be one of Married At First Sight’‘s biggest stars, but now it’s her mum Mary who’s trying her hand at reality TV.  

WATCH BELOW: Martha Kalifatidis’ mum Mary enters the Big Brother house

The 56-year-old mum-of-three is one of the 20 confirmed Big Brother 2021 housemates and after years of looking after the kids, this was her time to shine.

“I just feel like I’m getting to the coffin end so I’ve just got to do something crazy,” Mary admitted in a trailer.

“I was a young mum. You cook, you clean but now it’s time to find Mary.”

“I was a young mum. You cook, you clean but now it’s time to find Mary.” (Credit: Seven)

Mary has always been a pillar of support for her kids, the most recognisable of whom is Married At First Sight‘s Martha Kalifatidis.

On Martha’s MAFS wedding day, Mary was apparently thinking of the “worst case scenario” to prepare her daughter.

“She’s like ‘What if you get there and he’s bigger than your father and he’s got no neck and he’s got blackheads on his chin and he’s got Twisties stuck in his teeth?'” Martha recalled on the Shameless podcast.

Fast forward to now and Martha and partner Michael Brunelli are still going strong, and Mary is one of their biggest fans.

“Michael and Martha I just want to say, you guys have come so far,” she wrote on Instagram back in January.

“If I went back five years ago and told you both that you will be going on a show MAFS and you will meet someone. You would just laugh, but here you both are, going onto three years. Amazing, you have both added the missing link to each other and are now totally complete. Michael what a great story to tell your kids How I Met Your Mother. Martha even tho you never wanted to go on, look how happy you are today. Enjoy the journey, may the force be with you.”

Mary says both Martha and Michael “added the missing link to each other and are now totally complete.” (Credit: Instagram)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the looks department. With their stunning dark features and curves, there’s a reason we can’t keep our eyes off Martha and Mary on Instagram!

After Martha shared a photo of her mum flaunting her enviable figure in a bikini on a 2019 family holiday to Greece, fans went wild and the photo racked up more likes and comments than Martha’s bikini snap at the same spot!

“Your mum looks amazing… go Mary !!” wrote one of Martha’s followers.

“She gets it from her mama!!” exclaimed another.

“YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS @mary_kala13 show them where the genes came from,” a third noted.

Like mother, like daughter. (Credit: Instagram)

Some have even called Martha and Mary Australia’s answer to Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, and NW previously reported that the two would have their own reality TV show.

“I can confirm that we are in the early stages of creating a reality show for Martha and her mum, but this is all I can share for the time being,” an official response from Martha’s publicist said last year.

The mother-daughter duo have also worked together on a campaign for online shopping system, Shopback.

“It’s always fun working with Mary,” Martha told 9 Entertainment. “She’s unpredictable. It’s almost like working with an animal that you’ve just taken out of the wild. That’s what you can compare it to.”

Martha and Mary have previously worked together. (Credit: Instagram)

As for what Martha makes of her mum starring on Big Brother? It comes down to one word.

After Mary uploaded a trailer for the upcoming season, Martha simply commented: “This should be interesting,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

Guess we’ll have to see how she goes in the house!

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