Fans praise Michelle Bridges for her poignant Valentine’s Day post

"God I cried with these beautiful words."
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When you’re not in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a kick in the teeth what with all the social media posts of roses, couple selfies and cheesy declarations of love. However Michelle Bridges’ 2021 post has left single mums cheering and her words will most certainly move you.

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Taking to Instagram on February 14th, Michelle, 50, shared a stunning photo of herself and her five-year-old son Axel sitting on a bench, their backs to the camera.

“True love. In all shapes and forms,” she wrote in her caption.

“I am here for you, all the time, for everything. I will listen to you. I will always love you. My world is you. And it’s a privilege.”

The mum-of-one finished by saying: “Sending my love to you all this Valentines Day xx.”

“True love. In all shapes and forms.” (Credit: Instagram)

Michelle’s words resonated with her fans, including several single mums who shared their feelings in the comments.

“God I cried with these beautiful words,” one wrote.

“That is the best love possible. I have 2 sons, my eldest is a teenager & I give them a Valentines Card every year – for that reason too, love does come in all shapes & forms.. Well spoken Michelle,” a second penned.

“There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love… beautiful capture,” remarked another.

“Beautifully written. Thank you, from a newly single mum trying to navigate this uncertain future,” a fourth commented.

Michelle is all about putting her five-year-old son Axel first. (Credit: Instagram)

In an exclusive chat with WHO back in October, mum-of-one Michelle confirmed that she was happily single after her highly-publicised split with Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis in January 2020.

“I’m very, very happy. My number one priority is Axel. Actually, it’s both of us. It’s me, too. I want to take care of me and give some time back to myself,” she revealed.

The former Biggest Loser trainer also addressed what she’d learned from her challenging year – not only did she endure a break up but Michelle was also charged with drink driving.

“I feel like what really came from that whole experience for me, aside from the lessons learned going through it at the time, is the beauty of people. The beauty of the support from your family and friends, even strangers,” she admitted.

“It really shone a big light on how powerful humanity can be, just having people reach out. You can often overlook that. The compassion and empathy I was afforded is something I’ll never forget. We all make mistakes. We’re all human.”

Michelle and Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis announced their split in January 2020. (Credit: Instagram)

Fitness and health has always played a massive role in Michelle’s life but she admits that Axel is her biggest motivation.

“I’m not in my 20s or 30s anymore… I still want to look and feel my best but my biggest reason for keeping up my fitness and strength is for my son,” the fitness expert told Now To Love in January.

“I want to be able to run around with him, pick him up, carry my groceries, get up on a chair and fix something up in the top cupboard. I’m a single parent, I need to be able to do stuff!”

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