Olympia Valance and Thomas Bellchambers make one glamorous couple

She fell in love with an AFL player while playing a WAG on TV
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Olympia Valance is one of our favourite all-rounders. She’s an actor, a business owner, and a pretty great dancer as well, a talent that’s landed her a spot on the upcoming all-stars season of Dancing with the Stars.


It’s also her beautiful romance with AFL player Thomas Bellchambers that’s captured our attention over the last few years – the two seem to grow more in love with each passing milestone, sharing their adorable affection for each other for all to see on social media.

Olympia and Thomas met on the high-profile dating app, Raya, and went ‘Instagram official’ in June of 2019, both sharing the same couple shot from the Moët & Chandon 150th birthday event.

“Although I might not look happy… I am,” Thomas captured the image at the time, tagging his new girlfriend.

“I’m absolutely happy.” (Credit: Instagram)

Thomas came along at a difficult time for Olympia, given that her grandfather had recently passed away.

“He has come to me at a good time in my life,” she told WHO.

After a few weeks of dating, the pair were pretty much inseparable.

“We live together; we haven’t spent a night apart since. I’m absolutely happy,” she said of their burgeoning romance.

The cute couple announced their relationship with this picture, posted to Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

At the time they began dating, Olympia was actually playing a WAG on TV, in the show Playing for Keeps, and saw real crossovers into her real life with Thomas.

“There are definite similarities,” she confirmed to TV WEEK at the beginning of their relationship.

“It’s hilarious, really. Some conversations in the show are ones I’ve had with Thomas.

“I know far more about the game than I ever did before, and I watch football all the time now, which I never really did. And I’ve obviously changed the team I support!” she confirmed.

Olympia and Thomas bought a ‘country weekender’ together. (Credit: Instagram)

Although Thomas and Olympia’s relationship progressed quickly, they hadn’t been together all that long before the coronavirus pandemic kicked off, sending Australia into a series of lockdowns.

Just prior, the pair purchased a ‘country weekender’ together near Daylesford, Victoria, with the sale settling on Valentine’s Day in 2020.

“We’d love to spend 2-3 days a week up there,” Thomas told the Herald Sun at the time.

“It’s an exciting next step for us. We are both super happy and couldn’t be going better.”

The pair isolated in Daylesford together. (Credit: Instagram)

The pair used their place in Daylesford as a lockdown escape, choosing to isolate their together during the first lockdown.

“My partner and I have mainly been isolating just outside of Melbourne … it’s been such a mixed bag of emotions, if I’m being honest,” Olympia told WHO at the time.

“There are days I have absolutely loved doing nothing, and really just teaching myself to slow down,” she said.

At the time, she was also considering what might come next for her career.

Dancing With the Stars was such a positive and life-changing experience for me and I’m so glad I did it,” she mused to WHO in a moment of unplanned foreshadowing.

“I think being open to whatever possibilities await and whatever the future holds is the best way for me to continue stepping forward in this life.”

“Couldn’t be happier … stuck with me now.” (Credit: Instagram)

However, Thomas and Olympia had another milestone to tick off before she made her big reality TV return.

They announced their engagement in October 2020, both sharing an image of themselves smooching at the beach on Orpheus Island.

“Today is a special day. The man of my dreams proposed to me. I get to marry my best friend,” Olympia penned.

“Couldn’t be happier…stuck with me now. 💍❤️” Thomas wrote.

“Not sure how I got so lucky.” (Credit: Instagram)

While the pair haven’t yet tied the knot, their social media feeds are still full of love and adoration for each other.

“Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world. I can’t wait to stand on my tippy toes and snap my neck to kiss you for many more years to come. Love you Noosh,” Olympia wrote on Thomas’s birthday this year, alongside a picture of the pair in front of a sunset.

She also commemorated one year of being engaged to Thomas with a sweet post while she was away filming Dancing with the Stars.

“One year ago today this handsome man asked me to be his wifey. Not really sure how I got so lucky,” she began.

“Thank you for making me so happy, so supported, believed in, cared for and deeply loved. Thank you for always pushing me to achieve the things I’m not always brave enough to do on my own. I adore you more and more everyday.

“Can’t wait to kick off these dancing shoes to come home and give you a big long pash. I miss being wrapped up in those big arms 😏🥰😘❤️😍 LOVE YOU BABY. Home soon I promise,” she finished.

Cute couple vibes! (Credit: Instagram)

While we’re excited to see Olympia tear up the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars, we’re also pretty excited to see some wedding snaps from herself and Thomas as well!

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