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Meet the brave ladies who will be entering FBOY Island to look for love, and consider us on the edge of our seats

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Reality TV star turned podcaster/TV host/influencer/fashion designer and all-around Australian icon, Abbie Chatfield, made headlines last year when she was announced as the host of the upcoming reality TV show – FBOY Island

We have been waiting on the edge of our seats for further news on the controversial show. And it seems we now have our first look at the lucky (and brave) ladies who will be heading onto the island to navigate a minefield of self-proclaimed FBoys and Nice Guys to, hopefully, find love. 

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield announces FBoy Island hosting gig

What is the format for FBOY Island? 

The 10-episode reality series will follow three strong, independent leading ladies as they weed their way through 24 self-proclaimed FBoys and Nice Guys to find love. 

Whilst there is the opportunity for the girls to perhaps make a connection with one of the guys on the island, they will have to navigate against FBoys who are there to play the game and make it to the end to win a cash prize. 

Who are the girls on FBOY Island? 

The ladies who will be taking the plunge into the cool waters of FBOY Island include 26-year-old Molly O’Halloran, 26-year-old Sophie Blackley and 21-year-old Ziara Rae.

We had the pleasure of heading out to FBOY Island ourselves to meet with some of the cast and sat down with the girls to chat all things FBoys. 

Molly O’Halloran signed up for the show after splitting from her “ultimate FBoy” ex-fiancé. Binge (Supplied)

“I had my heart broken by the ultimate Fboy and had pretty much planned my whole life around that and everything got flipped on its head.”

26-year-old occupational therapist, Molly O’Halloran, signed up for the show after splitting from her fiancé, “I was keen to take back what control I could”, she said. 

“To be able to put myself back out there again, I know that there are kind of a bunch of nice guys who are here for the right reasons. It’s just seeing if I can kind of make those genuine connections and bring my walls down”.

Not one to shy away from calling out an FBoy, the 21-year-old model is here to challenge how she dates men. Binge (Supplied)

21-year-old model, Ziara Rose, entered the island to not only find love, but find herself. 

“I’m hoping to learn more about myself”, Ziara Rose exclusively told Who. “The way that I choose men, the way I question men, learning what I like, what I want out of a relationship and just strengthening my connection with myself – we’ve only got ourselves really in this world”. 

Raised by a single mum and not one to shy away from calling out bad behaviour, Ziara has learnt “that dogs kind of hang with dogs…  If they don’t call out other men’s behaviours that are wrong, I don’t like that.”

Although the model admits “I normally go for FBoys. There’s something about the confidence… but I want to change that. I do want to give nice guys a go, and I’m hoping that this all helps me to really rein myself in.”

“[But] I’m quite an old-fashioned romantic too. My thing is, I move quite quickly if I’m not enjoying the relationship. If I’m not enjoying dating you, if you’re not making me feel excited and butterflies, I’m gonna move on pretty quick.”

Professional DJ Sophie Blackley is on FBoy Island to, “bring down my barriers with my emotions, because they’ve been up for so long.” Binge (Supplied)

Originally from a small town in New Zealand, the now Australian-based professional DJ, Sophie Blackley, understands she has her own walls she needs to break down. 

“I think FBoys are sort of guilty of one thing, and that’s just, blocking out their emotions. I think maybe I’m a little bit guilty of that, too. Being too heartless.” 

Despite the dangers, the 26-year-old isn’t afraid to find herself falling for an FBoy. “I’m trusting my energy and my gut,” she says, “If I end up with an FBoy who’s reformed, to me that’s just as good as ending up with a nice guy.“

The girls of FBoy Island are here to shake up what we think of reality TV dating shows. Binge (Supplied)

It is clear to see that the girls aren’t just creating connections with the boys of the island, but the close relationship the women have developed, supporting and guiding each other on the journey, is just another benefit of the experience. 

“Reality TV is really scary, [but] the fact that I’ve got two other amazing women beside me, helping me decide is amazing”, says Sophie. 

“This show is all about the empowerment of women. It’s girls getting together to work out who’s trying to dupe them and who’s trying to, potentially lie to their faces to get the money” agrees Molly. 

The support of host – and expert in the realms of reality TV and dating – Abbie Chatfield, is priceless for the girls as they navigate the whole experience.

“I stand for everything she stands for. She’s so open about sex and sexuality. And that’s a big thing for women in 2023”, says Ziara. 

In response to those who are dubious about the premise of the controversial show, Sophie has one thing to say.

“Call me when you’ve watched it.”

Where can I watch FBOY Island? 

FBOY Island is going to premiering on Binge and Foxtel on May 26 and can be streamed on both platforms once it airs. 

Stream it now on Foxtel Now, live and on-demand with a 10-day free trial. Start your free trial here.


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