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Gogglebox’s Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd’s love story

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Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd are two of our favourite Gogglebox Australia stars, along with their good pal Jad Nehmetallah.

Since joining the show, the couple have not only tied the knot, but also welcomed two beautiful baby boys into the world.

So how did they go from sweethearts to Gogglebox couple goals?

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The couple met outside the now defunct Hugo’s in Sydney’s Kings Cross before Matty slid into Sarah Marie’s Facebook DM’s with a simple “Hi,” to which Sarah Marie replied, “You’re a man of many words.”

Speaking on former Gogglebox stars Adam Densten and Symon Lovett’s podcast The Adam and Symon Show, Matty revealed that his now-wife played “hard to get” before finally agreeing to go to dinner with him.

“She then cancelled that dinner and I later found out that she was nervous. This is where, as a guy, you don’t really know because I’m thinking ‘I’m this short Lebo guy and she’s an absolute bombshell, I’ve got no chance with this chick, she’s barring me’ and then she was the one who was really nervous,” he said.

Matty then revealed that when they finally sorted out a date, she was living with her dad in western Sydney so he drove 45 minutes to pick her up.

“I picked her up, we drove back to the city, had dinner, then we went to this chilled out park lookout in Balmain and we just sat there and talked,” he revealed, before adding that they chatted until three or four in the morning.

Matty and Sarah Marie (pictured with Jad and baby Malik) have come a long way. (Credit: Foxtel)

But things turned awkward when Matty went in for a kiss and Sarah Marie stopped him, stating that she doesn’t kiss on a first date.

“From that point we were texting texting texting, but she got a little bit more distant every time I texted her and I started to sense that something was wrong,” he explained.

Matty then sent Sarah Marie “a long-winded text message” asking if he’d done something to offend her, and she replied saying that he had.

“‘Since our date you rarely pick up the phone to call me, you usually text me on a Friday or Saturday night, your Instagram’s full of you hanging out with girls. You look like a bit of a f*** boy honestly and I’m just not interested,'” Matty summarised.

Matty and Sarah Marie
Matty drove 45 minutes to pick Sarah Marie up for their first date. (Credit: Instagram)

The Gogglebox star then invited Sarah Marie to a New Year’s Eve party he was hosting with his friend and co-star Jad, but was once again turned down.

On January 2, he reached out again, but Sarah Marie informed him that she was dating another guy, yet Matty was persistent.

“Unless you go on to marry this guy, I’m going to be persistent,” Matty says he told her at the time.

“And then that weekend I went to dinner with a girlfriend of mine who is a mate and she had just come out of a relationship, and she was telling me about what’s happening with her ex and that he’s gone a bit crazy but she hasn’t heard from him a while,” he continued.

“We keep eating dinner and she said, ‘I want to show you a photo of the girl my ex is seeing and tell me what you think.’ She pulls out her phone and shows me a photo of her ex, who hates me by the way, and Sarah. I got goosebumps!”

Matty said he called Sarah from the car on the way home from dinner and by Valentine’s Day, the two had a second date and their first kiss. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Now that’s what we call a love story! (Credit: Instagram)

Matty and Sarah Marie’s celebrant even told a short version of the story at their wedding in 2018 and one of the songs played was Drake’s Started From The Bottom, which Matty said perfectly described their relationship.

The couple tied the knot at Sydney’s stunning harbourside venue Doltone House and the makeup artist bride wore an embellished Steven Khalil gown, even doing her own makeup for the big day.

Matty and Sarah Marie adopted their adorable bulldog Bane shortly after their wedding and welcomed their son Malik in November 2019 – and they’re more in love than ever.

Gogglebox Matty and Sarah baby
The pair welcomed their son Malik in November 2019. (Credit: Instagram)

For Sarah’s 33rd birthday, Matty penned a heartfelt tribute to his wife.

“How did fate bring us together against the odds? How have I been so blessed to find you?” he wrote in the caption.

“You were made me for me and I for you and I’m grateful everyday you’re in my life. 6.5 years ago I sent you that text and it was the greatest investment I’ve ever made, it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you for all you do for me each day and thank you for giving me a son with your eternal smile, we couldn’t live without you. Happy birthday baby.”

Gogglebox Matty and Sarah baby
In May 2023, the couple welcomed their second child! (Credit: Instagram)

In May 2023, the couple welcomed their second child, a son named Lyon Sainte Fahd. 

Sarah and Matty took to Instagram to announce the arrival of the little bub.

“Lyon Sainte Fahd, 09.05.23,” Sarah wrote.

“My baby boy, you have completed us. We waited for you, we dreamt of you. Malik, your big brother has been calling your name.

“We will love you unconditionally. We will love you until the end of time. Thank you for blessing us.”

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