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Fans fear for MasterChef judge over “odd” detail in finale

“He doesn’t seem himself. Is that just me?”
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MasterChef fans were left fearing for celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal’s health after spotting several worrying details during the grand finale.

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The episode could have solely focused on Billie McKay’s historic win, but viewers quickly picked up on Heston’s “odd” behaviour.

Within moments of him appearing on the show, social media was flooded with messages of concern as the star chef seemed “off”.

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“Heston doesn’t seem himself. Is that just me?” one penned, another confirming: “Heston does not look well.”

Others pointed out that Heston appeared to be walking with a limp, a detail that seemed obvious in several wide shots.

Heston poses with the rest of the MasterChef judges. (Credit: Instagram)

Fans quickly began speculating about his health, wondering if he was suffering some kind of ailment when the finale was filmed.

“Is Heston ok? I mean does he seem a little different or is he speaking differently?” one worried viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Has Heston been suffering some kind of illness? He doesn’t look 100%. I know he has recently revealed he has ADHD,” a second chimed in.

But other fans were quick to point out that ADHD wouldn’t cause the “odd” behaviour Heston seemed to be displaying.

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“As someone with ADHD, you’re comparing an apple to a brick here. It’s definitely not that,” one wrote.

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Channel Ten have since released a statement confirming that Heston was unwell during filming, but not in the way fans suspected.

The network confirmed to that he was simply “recovering from a foot injury”.

Though concerning for some fans, Heston’s injury couldn’t detract from the joy of watching Billie make MasterChef Australia history by becoming the first person to win the show twice.

Billie was crowned the 2022 winner. (Credit: Ten)

“I can’t believe it. I am so grateful for this experience,” she said of her win.

“I’ve learned so much about myself. It’s changed a lot about me, and I’m really excited about that.”

She only just beat finalist Sarah Todd in the final challenge, where the girls had to recreate Heston’s notoriously difficult Taffety Tart.

While Sarah put in an excellent effort, Billie’s complete dedication to perfection saw her receive three nines and one ten out of ten – taking her to a winning score.

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