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Love Island Australia: Kale Returns to the Villa

We did NOT see that coming!
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As we get further into Love Island Australia season five, the messier it gets. Brutal eliminations, messy challenges and more couple-swapping than we can keep track of and it’s already clear this year is unforgettable. 

But it’s the latest bombshell intruder that really got us talking….the return of the recently eliminated Kale. 

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In case you missed it, Kale entered the Villa early on in the season as a bombshell. Everybody loved him and after an initial double date with both Tyra and Nakia, he quickly became a fan favourite. 

Despite hitting it off with both women on his first day, Tyra ultimately stepped aside as she was in a comfortable place with her then-partner Ben, whilst Nakia was single. Kale and Nakia quickly went on to become one of the strongest couples of the season. 

Cute dates, nice chemistry and talk about the future, Nakia and Kale seemed to have it all – until Bombshell Andy came entered the scene. 

love island australia bombshell andy
Bombshell Andy wreaked havoc on the villa! (Credit: Nine)

Whilst it wasn’t technically Nakia’s choice, The Villa was turned on its head when Andy chose a not-completly-shut-off Nakia as his new partner, promptly leading to Kale’s elimination. 

His departure was awkward to say the least, especially since Nakia had promised the night before that if one of them was to be eliminated, they would leave together (which, spoiler alert she did not).

Again, a reminder that whilst Nakia was definitely interested in Andy, she didn’t have much of a say on Kale’s elimination. To be fair, neither did Andy – no one knew his decision would lead to an elimination, but that’s just how the reality TV competition goes. 

However, it was Nakia’s attitude towards Kale following the elimination that upset some fans and Islanders who felt Kale’s time in the Villa was cut unluckily shory…until he reappeared a mere few episodes later. 

love island australia kale
Fans and castmates were devastated when Kale was eliminated. (Credit: Getty)

Enter Tyra. The same Tyra who had a great first date with Kale and has now found herself single in the Villa. 

In the latest episode of the season, Tyra (who is best friends with Nakia) received a text inviting her on a date with a bombshell, who unbeknownst to her and the rest of the contestants, was actually Kale. 

“I was kind of s******g myself if I’m honest,” Kale tells WHO about the moment Tyra realised who her date was. “I had just been dumped and then was coming back to go on a date with a girl where I could end up getting dumped again….there was a fair bit of pressure.”

“But I was also fairly confident that once I was alone at the table with her everything was going to work out on its own just because I remembered how we were when we initially had a moment [on the first date]. So I was just holding on to that and praying.”

love island tyra and nakia
Tyra and Nakia are best friends in the Villa, but will Tyra’s new connection with Kale disrupt their friendship? (Credit: Nine)

Although we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see how Tyra and Kale’s new relationship unfolds, Kale is adamant he wouldn’t change any part of his Love Island experience. 

“If I chose Tryra from the beginning, would I be where I am now?” he asks, “It could change the future…so I probably would have left everything the same as c***y as it was.” 

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